New Year – New You? Why Not Give it a Try? | CityBlock

Is 2014 the year when you will finally sort your life out? Probably not, but you can damn well give it a try..

New Year








Here are a few student friendly new year’s resolutions:

1. I will stop counting Fruit & Nut and Tomato Ketchup as part of my 5 a day!

2. I will change my bedding at least once a term

3. I will not end up being filmed for Booze Britain.

4. I will change out of my pyjamas every day.

5. I will not leave my Facebook account logged in.

6. I will not spend my entire student loan within a week of receiving it!

7. I will stop choosing bed instead of lectures.

8. I will not indulge in drunken texting, tweeting, facebooking etc!

9. I will attempt to do some form of exercise other than drunken dancing!

10. I will try to do at least one of the above before giving up!


Posted on January 2nd, 2014