New Year, New You

It seems like yesterday we were still getting used to writing 2016 everywhere, and now we have to get used to another number! The new year rolled around and with it came yet another reason to start going to the gym again (at least for the first few weeks…).

The new year is always filled with a sense of renewal. You have the chance to reflect on your life and on what you’re doing right and wrong and do something different about it.

Better Studying Habits

More time in the library might be exactly what you need this year! Many students start out an academic year with great intentions and are extremely motivated to study. But then come the pub crawls, the new game release, the Netflix binging…

A new year is the opportunity to leave that behind and have a ‘fresh start’ on your studying habits. Spend at least half an hour to an hour a day revising subjects or working on that all-important paper and you’ll see the results!


Join Clubs

Do you love to show off your comedy skills for family and friends? Well, you’re in luck, because most universities, including Lancaster University, have an incredible – and varied – number of societies you can join. Including the Comedy Institute. This means you’re one step closer to showcasing those mad skills in front of an audience – with luck, they won’t be dying of second-hand embarrassment…

You’ll meet new people who share the same interests and passions, so even if you thrive on spending an evening playing World of Warcraft or watching cheesy sci-fi movies, you don’t have to do it alone.

Organise Yourself

With so many things to do at university, it can be difficult to organise everything. The first step is to stop procrastinating and just get on with it. If you don’t procrastinate (which, let’s face it, is unlikely…) and simply have a huge list of clubs, extra-curricular activities and social events going on all the time, then you need a plan.

Make sure you have time to accomplish it all and have a calendar with all events, so that you don’t miss anything and can organise yourself around them.


Do Something Different

Make it a resolution to expand your horizons! 2017 is the perfect opportunity to experience new things and develop your skillset. You can even promise yourself to do something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the opportunity or the motivation before. For example, try to read a book a week for a year, give up unhealthy snacks, quit smoking, learn belly dancing.

The options are limitless, so challenge yourself to accomplish something you’re going to be proud of!


Spend Less

Another common resolution is to start spending less money. After all, how many more times can you have a bit of a shock after peaking at your bank account (especially after the holidays) before enough is enough? If you’re not used to living alone, getting a hang of budgeting and creating better spending habits can take a while to get used to.

Still, it’s worth doing, so try cutting out little things and see if it helps. Walk instead of taking the bus if possible, cut down on eating out and opt instead to cook a homemade meal, and don’t buy new clothes if you don’t absolutely need them or shop in thrift/charity shops if you do.

Also, avoid so many nights out at the pub. If you want to spend some time with your friends, why not invite them over and watch TV together or play board games?


Follow Through

Actually finish what you start. Year after year we tend to make promises to ourselves that we end up not keeping, so set achievable goals and make a change in your life. Your future you will thank you for starting now!

Being a university student is one of the best times of your life, so take advantage of it by doing everything you ever wanted to do! With a new year comes a new you, so don’t wait around for 2018. Here at CityBlock we make it our New Year’s resolution to help you get the best accommodation for your student needs.

Get in touch with our friendly team and we can tell you exactly what we can do for you – and how we can contribute to a fantastic university experience!

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