The Student Dream VS. Reality (Part Two)

So by now, some of you fresh-faced and lovely freshers will have, as of this week, moved in, met your new BFF’s and got started on that deathly mix of Sainsbury’s basics punch in true Fresher’s style. If that’s the case – how’s the head today?

If you haven’t yet embarked on your university adventure, don’t worry! There’s plenty to look forward to, and as promised, here are a few more hard hitting truths regarding student reality VS. the pre-fresher’s daydream. Enjoy!

4. Deadlines



You’ll be sooo organised! You’ll have 1000 completed to-do lists and all your work will be finished and printed days before the final deadline! You’ll even have time to arrange a few meetings with your tutor to check your on the right path. After all, you’re paying £9000+ so you want to do your best, and there is absolutely no way you will ever go out the night before a deadline…



Even though you really tried to say no, you’ll leave most of your course work until the last day or two, and you’ll end up thinking you should have paid rent to the library rather than your accommodation. You’ll become an absolute pro at skim-reading, working on minimal sleep and the speediest typer, ever! You’ll become a little too reliant on energy drinks and you may just be on first-name terms by 3rd year with those heavenly folk from staples who print and bind your essays 30 minutes before a deadline. Hooray for those lovely, lovely, people!

5. Lectures



You’re at university, studying your dream course, with your Einstein-esque lecturers, what could be better? You’ll be at every 9am lecture and for every minute you spend at university, you just keep feeling smarter!



The lecture theatre never look as good as it does on TV, or even in the brochure, some lecturers read off power point, (which you can get off the uni portal anyway!) and most of the time you’ll turn up to a lecture hung over or still drunk and leave at the first opportunity. You’ll ask yourself every time why you didn’t just stay in bed, and that one day you finally make a 9am lecture feeling fresh and ready for action, it’ll be cancelled! Who invented 9am lectures, anyway?

6. Your Beloved Flatmates



Those randomly selected individuals chosen to live with you are going to absolutely-you and become your best friends, forever, for the rest of your life! You’ll go to each other’s weddings and laugh about the ‘the good old uni days’ even when you’re old. Ah, friendship!



Chances are you’ll probably hate at least one of your flatmates. This poor person will either hate noise, hate mess or just hate you! Your other flatties won’t understand the concept of washing up and your kitchen will gradually grow its own zoo of creepy crawlies and furry mould.

7. You!



You’ll find the new independent and completely stylish you, you’ll look immaculate at every opportunity (because you just don’t know who’ll be on campus) and you’ll definitely find and fall in love with your university sweetheart.



You’ll spend the majority of your time in your joggers, or fancy dress! (Let’s hope it isn’t a onesie!) You probably will find love, for at least a day or two until you go on another awkward date or she discovers how weird you and your friends are, and you’ll discover your real talent is cramming a whole Netflix series within 24 hours!

But really, would you change it? University really is the best years of your life, and here at CityBlock we provide quality student living to suit your new lifestyle! For more information or to book a room in our modern DMU accommodation – get in contact with our friendly team on 01162 517 270 today!

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6 Types of Professors You’ll Meet at University

We’ve already looked at the 8 student stereotypes you’ll meet at uni, but it’s not just students you’ll have to meet. This is our look at the worst 6 professors you’ll also have to deal with.


The Scatter Brain

Judging by The Scatter Brain’s flitting about the classroom and general forgetfulness, you’d be forgiven for thinking their mind’s been frazzled by too many years on the job. But no, The Scatter Brain was just born that way. They’re the ones asking, ‘so which chapter were we looking at again?’ Even if you’re one of The Scatter Brain’s favourites, they’ll still forget your name. On the plus side, they’re usually one of the nicest types of professors, and will write up glowing references for you if you decide to continue on to an MA. Y’know, if they remember it.





The Slave Driver

The Slave DriverDon’t cross The Slave Driver. No, seriously, it’s not worth it. Your grades will start to suffer, and you’ll find that you’re the one chosen to describe, in detail, the prevalent themes of the set texts. Every. Week. And don’t you dare confess to not reading the books (Or even just the plot synopses on SparkNotes) because nothing enrages The Slave Driver more than someone who’s taken the easy way out. Slave Drivers use psychological warfare to keep you on your toes – you’ll let your guard down when they’re smiling, but those smiles will never last. It’s a lot like an abusive relationship, without the cuddles after the beating.


The Narcissist


You’re not at uni to study, you fools. You’re there for The Narcissist. Why else would you choose their class? This professor swans around like they’re the star of the show – in their heads at least. Chances are they completely failed as a novelist, but hey, it’s not their fault if the publishing world failed to acknowledge their genius, is it? The Narcissist won’t have a problem with giving their favourite students (read: boot-lickers) better grades, and deadline extensions. For the rest of us, well, smile, nod, and try to look suitably impressed with all the tales they’ll definitely-definitely tell about how awesome their personal life is and the time they met Brian Cox when he was still in D:Ream.





The Rookie (and The Substitute)
RookieIf you’re gonna go out on the razz, make sure you schedule it for the night before The Rookie’s class. There’s nothing worse than being hung-over in The Slave Driver’s class, but with The Rookie it’s a breeze. And so long as you don’t seriously take advantage, you can get away with murder. Ok, not actual murder – last time we checked that was still illegal. But The Rookie is so new they’ll do anything to make you like them just to survive the day. Same applies for those holy days when your class is led by part-timers like The Substitute.



The Ghost


If you’re the sort of student who likes regular class updates or discussions with your professor, you’re gonna hate The Ghost. This tutor seems to literally disappear into the ether, rendering any contact more or less impossible. If they do bother to give out their office hours, you can be sure when you knock on the door they’ll be nowhere in sight. The fact that they even turn up to class is a miracle, but they’ll probably nip out multiple times for a cigarette, leaving their students on their own under the guise of ‘independent study’.




The Grave Digger

Grave DiggerWant a decent university education? Whatever! Hoping to pass with first-class honours? Who cares? Certainly not The Grave Digger, who’s so close to retirement that they’ve stopped even pretending to look like they give two hoots (Even one hoot would be too much for these guys). They’ve been teaching since before Methuselah was in short trousers, and man, does it show. Too many past students have worn them down, and now you’re there, well, that’s just another reason not to get out of bed in the mornings. So deep does the apathy run, The Grave Digger is more than likely to drone you into submission before stopping mid…





Now you should be prepared for uni. If you’re looking for student housing in Lancaster or Leicester, CityBlock can offer you some awesome accommodation. Just get in touch on 01162 517270 or drop us a line at

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Top Seven Student Apps You Need to Download

So you’re off to uni, and while your bags may be packed, how about your phone? Here are our pick of some of the best apps for students.

Toshi Finance

We know what it’s like; it’s your first time away from home and the Government has just put £2000 in your account. Time to spend, spend, spend, right? But if you value your student loan – and don’t want to starve for three months – we recommend the Toshi Finance app. It’s a clear, easy to understand app which lets you keep control over your budget.


Maths Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? We know, it can be a pain dragging yourself all the way across campus at stupid o’clock, especially after an all-night bender. Once the Maths Alarm Clock starts, you won’t be able turn it off until you solve a maths problem. Perfect for waking up your brain before class.


You didn’t read the set text, did you? Relax! SparkNotes offers a great app so you can bluff your way to a First-Class Honours degree. It comes pre-installed with tons of fab study guides, ranging from literature to philosophy, which you can download to your phone. You can even create an online study group, and share what you’re studying.




TED are the undisputed kings of online education. Their Youtube page is jam-packed with fascinating talks about pretty much anything you can think of. Now you can access them all from your phone with the TED app. Whether it’s education, science, business, or even entertainment, get the juice from the world’s leading thinkers and broaden those horizons.


Khan Academy


The Khan Academy has one goal: spread information. To anyone. And everyone. That includes that weird kid who sits at the back of the class snickering at BuzzFeed while you’re trying to take notes. With over 4200 articles and videos on a massive range of subjects, it’s basically like an entire school in your pocket, only without the obvious legal issues putting an actual school in your pocket would draw.




Ok, so you’ve just finished writing a 6000-word essay. But it doesn’t end there. A large chunk of essay writing is your bibliography – and all the questions and panicking that comes with it. Questions like ‘Am I supposed to use Harvard referencing or APA?’ With the EasyBib app, you can see at a glance how to correctly format your bibliography, saving time and most importantly, your sanity.




University isn’t just about education, is it? One of the most important aspects is making new friends, getting proper drunk with them, and then going online to delete the incriminating photographs. But you don’t want to sign in to each and every social media site (That takes up valuable drinking time). With HootSuite you can bring together your Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and FourSquare accounts in one handy little app.


Now you’re ready to head to uni. But if you’re still looking for awesome student accommodation in Leicester or Lancaster, get in touch and find out what we have to offer.

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8 Student Stereotypes You’ll Meet at University

So you’ve packed all your best clothes, all your favourite books and all those epic posters ready for your new student accommodation. And before you know it, you’re a proper student at a proper uni.

Then what? Meet new, like-minded people, of course. With this handy guide, you’ll be able to spot who you want to make friends with, who you want to get with, and who you definitely-definitely-definitely need to avoid.

The Lad

The Lad

The Lad was the most popular kid in school. Trouble is, in his head he’s never left school. The Lad is at uni for two things – and two things only – booze and babes. Sure, we all love drinking with fine folk, but that’s all this guy is living for. Every week is fresher’s week for this guy. He doesn’t realise that fresher’s is only supposed to be seven un-sober days. But why would he? That would require reading a book. And just because he’s at university doesn’t mean he’s going to start now.




The Lass


The Lass

A similar breed to The Lad, The Lass was Queen Bee before she came to university. Now she’s determined to wear her crown (Or more likely a tiara bought from Claire’s) to every damn class and expects you to brown-nose her because she’s so superior. If she ever stopped wearing make-up then it’s a sure-fire bet that Max Factor would go bust.




The Geek

The Geek

The geeks. They’ll inherit the Earth, if the graffiti in the library toilets is to be believed. Not so long ago The Geek was a prime target for catty remarks or worse, from oh-so-cool kids who’d never even heard of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and thought Guardians of the Galaxy was a milk chocolate broadsheet. These days The Geek is the embodiment of pop culture. With superhero movies in every multiplex across the country, The Geeks are Kings and Queens of Cool, no matter what The Lad may tell you (whilst drunkenly dousing your ear with vodka and Red Bull).



The Web-HeadThe Web-Head

Update. Update. Update. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. It’s been twenty seconds and no-one’s commented on her Facebook status (It’s almost always a girl), and that’s likely to send The Web-Head into a deep spiral of narcissistic depression. Gone are the days when people would check their phones surreptitiously at the back of the class – The Web-Head’s desire for the latest online gossip is so great she will quick-draw her phone any time, any place, even in exams. You’ll know when you meet her: she’ll be super-busy scrolling through her Twitter feed, offering up non-committal grunts when you try to make conversation.




The Stoner

The Stoner

You’ll probably never quite understand how he got into university and, to be honest, he probably doesn’t know himself. The Stoner. When he’s actually awake in time for class, you’ll find him slumped at a desk trying not to make eye contact in case you notice how red his pupils are. If he’s studying biology, he’ll be mesmerised by the innards of a frog. If he’s taking English lit. he’ll be captivated by a Marxist reading of The Turn of the Screw. Like, before Marxism was even a thing, man! Mind blown.





The ActivistThe Activist 02

It’s cool to care. You know that. We all have our pet causes and beliefs. But The Activist takes it to a whole other level. They are drawn to every cause out there, and they want you to join them. Like, really, really want you to join them. It doesn’t matter if they’re of the political Right or Left, The Activist operates in the same way. When they’re not spamming your Facebook with links to dubious websites, they’re brute-forcing a signature out of you for their latest petition. Because it’s not always about helping people; it’s about making themselves feel awesome at the expense of actually making a difference.


The Politician

Special Address: Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Not to be confused with The Activist, The Politician is actually the total opposite. They believe in nothing. Or everything. Or anything you want them to believe. Just so long as you like them. And so long as you’re friends, shouldn’t you be buying The Politician a round of drinks? Until, y’know, the end of uni. The Politician will take advantage of you in every way possible because they’re super-smart and utterly spineless. They are life’s sharks, feeding off others. And somehow, even after all that back-stabbing and lying and unnecessary drama, you’ll still sort of like the old sociopath in a way. You just won’t know why.






The FashionistaThe Fashionista

Gurl, those slingbacks are so last lesson, amirite? The Fashionista has only one interest – looking damn fine. No Primark dresses, no knock-off Louis Vuitton handbags, life is a catwalk and she only buys genuine, mass-produced fashion labels – which she’ll blog about. At great length. Until she’s writing for Vogue or Cosmo. How she affords those stylish clothes on a student loan that usually only lasts you a week or two remains a mystery. But if you’re looking for a chance to shake-up your wardrobe, you could do a lot worse than befriending The Fashionista.




Ready to meet your fellow students? If you’re seeking Leicester or Lancaster University Accommodation we can help. CityBlock offer high quality student rooms and apartments in two of the most exciting university cities in the world. Get in touch with us today on 01162 517270 or email

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The Student Dream VS. Reality (Part One)

As of 2-weeks (ish), a parade of nervous fresh-faced 18+ year olds will be entering into the big wide world of university, with their hopes high of student dreams and independence…

However, all other returning students will be comfortable in the knowledge that all pre-fresher daydreams are in fact a bad rumour. Here’s the first 3 of the top 7 student expectations VS. reality! Enjoy!

(P.S. These hard truths are in fact coming from a bitter graduate who is still not over the fact university life is over, forever!)

1. Your Student Loan



Your first ever student loan will make you feel as rich as Fifty Cent in the candy shop! You and your new rich friends will probably head straight to the pub, and happily buy rounds of jagerbomb after jagerbomb because, why not? You won’t even feel guilty for that £200 (with 10% student discount, of course!) Topshop shopping spree because you’ve got loads of money! Happy days.



After a week or two of frivolous spending, the realisation that your student loan is definitely not going to last a whole term will start to creep in, and you will once again return to the bank of Mum and Dad.  But first, you might as well withdraw that last £3.59 from your bank to purchase a pint of the cheapest lager at the SU, eh? (Note: You don’t even like lager!)

2. Fresher’s Week



Everything is amazing. Everyone you meet is amazing. Life is amazing. Freshers is amazing. Even the hangovers are amazing!



You’ll drink too much, be home by midnight, (that’s if you even make it past pre-drinks!) with a half eaten McDonalds’ by your pillow, and your wallet, bag and clothes uncontrollably thrown all over your room. Chances are you won’t remember a thing from last night, or the people you met! So let’s do it all again tonight, yeah?

3. The Opposite Sex




Welcome to university, everyone is sure to be really, really, ridiculously good-looking, right? Wrong! Blame the babes in the Christmas charity calendars for that promise…



…You wish McDonalds served beer!

Sadly, with pound-a-pint every night of the week, discounts on takeaway and some sort of chain supermarket across the road from your accommodation – the average student puts on at least a stone in the first year of university. Better get your name down for the sports team list now, eh?

Despite these life-crushing realisations, first year is still the best experience of your life, and you will love every minute of it. (Bar the hangovers!) Here at Cityblock, we provide high quality and modern student flats in Leicester and Lancaster to make your uni years even better! For more information or to book a room please feel free to contact our friendly team on 01162 517270 or email us at today!

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University Checklist!

We won’t patronise you by presenting a lengthy list of everything that you need to take with you when you move into University accommodation, as we trust that you’ll remember your toothbrush, bedding other obvious essentials.

However, we thought that we’d provide you with some ideas of little extras that you will definitely find helpful in your years at University.

Inspirational Posters & Photo Frames


No matter how modern your university accommodation is, you will want to add your own personal touches to the walls. You are likely to experience homesickness in the first few months that you’re away, which is why it is important to take lots of photos of family and friends with you.

University isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes you will feel a little lost, which is why we suggest that you take some prints or posters of the inspirational persuasion. Check out Etsy for some unique wall art!

Memory Sticks


Pulling an all-nighter and surviving on caffeine pills and self-loathing alone will seem like a terrible waste of time if you don’t back up your work. Laptops can be unreliable, as can University library computers, which is why we suggest investing in a few memory sticks. They will become especially valuable when it comes to writing your assignments, dissertation or thesis.

Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs


You will want to take a lot of naps throughout the day. We recommend investing in a cute sleep eye mask and pair of ear plugs (which will come in handy when your flatmates are throwing a party and you have an exam at 9am). Some earplugs will be specially formulated that you’ll still hear your alarm in the morning (unfortunately).

Notice Board


Whether it is primarily used to remind yourself to buy milk, finish your assignments, or for flatmates to leave charmingly abusive messages or pornographic illustrations, you will thank yourself for investing in a practical notice board.

A Shower Caddy


If you don’t want to leave your pricey Moroccan Oil hair treatments in the bathroom for your sneaky flatmates to audaciously take advantage of, invest in a practical, portable toiletry bag. Look for one with a handle or hook, so that you don’t have to leave it on the bathroom floor.

Academic Diary and Calendar



University lecturers are not forgiving when it comes to handing in assignments after the deadline. They will fail you. With this in mind, invest in a cute and practical academic diary or academic calendar so you can stay on top of assignments and social events easily.

Get the Right Cards



You’ll probably do a lot of travelling in your first year at University, to see your high-school friends and to visit home. Invest in a Young Persons Rail Card, which will give you a third off train fares. Similarly, a NUS card will ensure you get student discount at hundreds of shops and restaurants.

First Aid Kit


Put together a first aid kit and keep it in a clean make-up or toiletry bag. Painkillers, hay fever tablets, plasters, and antiseptic cream should feature.

Free Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Make sure your mobile is ready for university too!

My Fitness Pal – An easy way to record what you’re eating with an excellent calorie checker with barcode scanner.

All Recipes – Perfect for days when your fridge looks empty. Input what ingredients you have, and add how much time you want to spend and it will provide you with easy recipes.

Voucher Code – Guarantees discounts and money off at restaurants such as Pizza Express. All you do is press ‘get voucher’ and hand your phone over to the waitress. Easy!

Evernote – A great app for organising your entire life in folders that you can access on your phone, tablet and laptop, even without an internet connection. It works across file formats, so you can save notes in text, image, audio and web links to look at them later.


If you are starting, or returning to, University in September, and are looking for Lancaster University accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact us here at City Block! Call us now on +44 (0)1524 541251 for more information.

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Things You Should Know Before Fresher’s Week… Part 2

As discussed in our last post, Fresher’s Week can be both an interesting, enjoyable and even a little confusing time for any new student entering the big and scary world of independence.

Whether a first year student or going into your final year, we are 99.9% sure you’ll have heard enough cringe-worthy stories to make you want to avoid it altogether, or maybe it makes you want to get the UV paint out and get stuck in!


Whatever your thoughts are towards a week dedicated to boozing, socialising and sleeping – here are a few more things to keep in mind during the mayhem.

4. You WILL NOT die from fresher’s flu… (Although it might feel like it)


The legend is true, and it’s awful. Yes okay, fresher’s flu exists and there’s near to no way of escaping this nasty little bug – but it will only last a few days and once it’s over – you’ll feel fresh and ready to party… again! It’s all part of the fresher’s experience, right? Sure, you’ll feel rotten and in desperate need of your mummy, but you’ll survive it with a week’s supply of tissues, lockets and a whole lot of Netflix. (If you’re that lucky student who has a Netflix account, that is!)

5. Pace yourself


Fresher’s week can differ between universities and some universities have fresher’s weeks that go on for a fortnight. That is 14 days straight of partying, socialising and well, acting the fool – so try not to overdo it! Having a night off isn’t embarrassing, and you definitely will not be replaced in your new BFF friendship group if you give it a miss for an evening! Of course you’ll want to be as healthy as you can be for the start of university too… yes?

6. Not all freshers are like you!


Respect others and their lifestyle choices. Sure, it may sound hard to believe, but not everybody lists fancy-dress and drinking as their hobbies; and likewise some people don’t enjoy computer games and dragons. The beauty of university is that there will always be someone like-minded to become friends with, and although uni can seem like quite a lonely place at the beginning – you’ll soon find the group you fit into and become part of your little uni family.

7. Enjoy it!


And mostly importantly, enjoy it! You won’t get another week (or two) solely dedicated to drinking your body weight in alcohol, drowning in foam and flirting with strangers ever again…until next year, of course!

Whether you are attending university for the first time this September, or are a later year student – here at CityBlock we offer central student living in the exciting cities of Lancaster and Leicester, so are the ideal option for all Lancaster University and DMU accommodation. For further information or to book a room please contact our friendly team on 01162 517270 or email us at!

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Things You Should Know Before Fresher’s Week… Part 1

Fresher’s Week is just around the corner, and as you’re probably experiencing a cocktail of nervousness, excitement and the odd freak-out, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your first week at university is everything you hope it’ll be.


1.       The people you live with don’t have to be your BFFs

If you are living in student halls or shared accommodation, it is often presumed that your flatmates and immediate neighbours will be your best friends. Although you share a fridge and toilet with these people, it doesn’t mean that you will all live happily ever after!


If you’re lucky, you and your new flatmates will be of the same personality, and within minutes of meeting the beers will be flowing and life stories will be shared over a deathly mix of rum, vodka and Sainsburys’ basics ‘fruit juice’. If you end up being a part of the ‘I hate my flatmates club’ and you fear you will be alone forever with your sociopath flatties – don’t worry! This is a common experience for most students, and you will end up making friends with people you like, rather than ones of domestic convenience.

2.        You don’t have to attend every Fresher’s event to have a good time

Alright, we all know fresher’s week is for consuming your body weight in alcohol, going to a notorious ‘white t-shirt party’ (where you’ll scrawl abuse all over random strangers you’ll never see again), and, of course, attending a few ‘school disco’ cringe-themed parties.


Our only advice – is don’t! Sure the booze is fun, the people are…funny, and the memories are priceless, but you don’t have to attend every single embarrassing event to fill your fresher’s week with fun and bad behaviour! Why not make your own sober fun for an evening, and host your own ‘come dine with me’ or a film night? It’ll provide you with at least a few non-alcohol fuelled memories to tell your mum about!

3.       It’s okay to miss home

No one admits it, but everyone gets a little homesick during the first few weeks of being in the big bad world on your own. Have a sneak peak into any student’s room and there’ll be a teddy bear or hidden blanket lying around.


Missing your family and friends is completely understandable, and many students drop out after a few weeks because they aren’t yet ready to fly the nest. Make a balance and keep in regular contact with friends, parents and loved ones; after all, that’s what Skype was made for!

CityBlock provide high quality student accommodation in Leicester and Lancaster, so get in contact with our friendly team to discuss your university accommodation in the heart of your chosen student city. Give us a call on 01162 517270 or send an email to!




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The Best Music Festivals That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of…

The summer is upon us, as is the end of exams, assignments, dissertations and essays. One of the best ways to celebrate the freedom that comes along with the summer break is to go to a music festival with friends (and beer).

Whilst well known music festivals such as Glastonbury and T in the Park have come and gone, there are many more to look forward to. The immensely popular Leeds and Reading festivals and Creamfields festival are scheduled for August; however, if you’re looking for a festival that is a little more unique this summer, read on…





Wilderness Festival offers boutique camping, banquets, feasting, wilderness cookery school, theatre and sensory performances, the lakeside spa, the wilderness school and sanctuary workshops. The Oxford Shakespeare Company will be performing As You Like It, the Huffington Post will be headlining at the debating halls, and there will be a performance of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest


However, this festival isn’t just arts and crafts and yoga – London Grammar and Sam Smith are headlining this year. The festival takes place from the 7th to the 10th of August in Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire.


Festival No. 6


Set in the stunning, Italianate-inspired Welsh coastal village of Portmeirion, the sea, mountains and forests decorate the location of Festival No. 6. The village of Portmeirion was designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975 in the style of an Italian village, and was the location of cult TV show The Prisoner.

The festival itself takes its name from The Prisoner. The festival offers more than great music; there’s award-winning authors, poets, actors, filmmakers and artists galore at No.6. Headlining this year are the Pet Shop Boys, Beck, London Grammar and Kelis.



Secret Garden Party

The Infamous Paint Fight

The Secret Garden Party is an annual independent arts and music festival which takes place in Abbots Ripton near Huntingdon. The festival takes place on the grounds of a Georgian farm house and has its own lake, river and landscaped gardens. The festival was launched as an alternative to the established mainstream music festivals, as it features much more than just music! As well as craft, literature, drama and yoga tents, there’s guerrilla science experiments, a human zoo,   and The Forum – a place for philosophical and societal debate.


The festival takes place on the last weekend of July, and promises of all kinds of crazy. It really has to be seen to be believed…

If you’re looking for student accommodation in Leicester for after the festival-packed summer break, then please do not hesitate to contact us here at City Block!

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What You Need to Know About Postgraduate Study

book-15584_640The current economic climate means that 85 graduates now apply to each job vacancy.

With that in mind, graduates are looking towards postgraduate degrees in order to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Postgraduate degrees either fall into the category of ‘taught’ or ‘research’. A taught degree is similar to an undergraduate degree; there are seminars, workshops and you complete another dissertation. However, there is more emphasis on independent research. Masters degrees, postgraduate diplomas and conversion courses are all taught postgraduate degrees.

Research postgraduate degrees include MPhils and PhDs. A PhD usually lasts three years, if you study full time, and consists of independent research which results in a thesis (usually of around 80,000 words).  During a PhD you are required to make what is known as a new contribution to knowledge, in other words, you research a topic that hasn’t really been written on before. So, at the end of your PhD you are recognised as an expert in your field.

A postgraduate degree is an investment in your future, so they’re worth thinking carefully about. You may wish to consider the financial implications of carrying on with your studies after graduation, as you can’t get a student loan for postgraduate study.

Studying at a postgraduate level means that you will pick up more transferable skills. You will develop your analytical skills and will be encouraged multiple times to employ good time management and interpersonal organisational skills (as you are required to meet regularly with your supervisor). You will exercise other transferable skills, such as effective communication, project management skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving and independent thinking.

Postgraduate degrees act as conversion courses. At the end of their degree, or after a period of working, many graduates realise they need a more specific degree to pursue their career of choice.  Taught postgraduate courses often provide this combination of specialist and conversion attributes, with many offering different pathways into the course as a whole.

If you’re looking to study an undergraduate degree, or a postgraduate degree, and are looking for student accommodation in Leicester, please do not hesitate to contact us here at City Block!

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