12 Worst Romantic Photos Ever

Love is in the air, right? That’s why we’ve got some seriously romantic spoils for you – with our Valentine’s Day competition. Fancy winning a hamper worth £50, chockfull of Prosecco, chocolates, champagne flutes, a Bella Italia voucher, and sweets for your sweetheart? Just like and share the competition details on our Facebook. Aww, makes us feel all warm inside.

Even stock images are getting all romantic. But these picks show that these guys have absolutely no idea what love looks like, let alone feels like…

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Which Lancaster CityBlock Apartment Should You Live In?

Here at City Block, we provide a wide variety of student housing in Lancaster, all centrally located and giving superior access to both the town centre and the university, too.

With three equally amazing apartment blocks to choose from, we understand that some of our prospective students might feel a little bit confused as to which one is the right apartment for them. As we’re the experts in our own accommodation, we’ve put together this short guide which will help steer you towards the perfect apartment for you! Continue reading

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Resolutions for the New Year – Or At Least the New Term.

With each week that goes by during your time at university, you’ve probably lost count of all the times you’ve said, ‘Next week I’m not going to miss any lectures,’ or, ‘I’ll actually read the book this time’. And how many times have you actually followed through on your half-hearted promise? Continue reading

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The CityBlock 2015 Roundup

So here we are, at the beginning of 2016 and we’re feeling a little nostalgic about all of the wonderful things that happened last year!

We’ve seen students from all over the world come and go as one academic year ended and another began, and we’re so pleased to hear how much our tenants have enjoyed their stay with us. Whether it’s the gorgeous accommodation you’re able to live in or the little perks that we include, such as our privilege card, we’re over the moon that you’ve found something to love about CityBlock.

As a way to wrap things up in 2015 as we move into the New Year, we thought we’d highlight some of the most memorable moments! Continue reading

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Have a Fantastic Christmas and an Amazing New Year!


You may not have realised how fast Christmas has snuck up on us but (believe it or not) it’s Christmas Eve! It feels like only yesterday we were welcoming new and returning students into our fantastic Leicester and Lancaster student accommodation.

Though many of you may have already returned home for the festive season, there are still many of you who haven’t. We’d like to let you know that, over the holidays, you’re not alone; we’re here, and we’re thinking of you. As such, we’ve worked tirelessly throughout the year to ensure you’re living in the best accommodation we have to offer. Continue reading

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Why Should You Want to Live in Accredited Accommodation?

What are the first things that spring to mind when you start thinking about planning next year’s accommodation? Perfect flat mates, a comfy bed, and perhaps even an en suite bathroom? These are all important factors for sure… but one thing that we think you should push further up the list is accreditation. Continue reading

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Winning Christmas Shopping on a Student Budget

We all love Christmas! Not only is it an excuse to eat as much as we want and not feel guilty, we also get presents!

We’re also expected to give our loved ones presents too, which unfortunately means that Christmas can be quite expensive. This is a problem for students who are living on a budget all year round. Continue reading

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3 Things To Do Before You Leave Halls For Christmas

If you’re like us, you’re probably super excited about Christmas being only just around the corner (20 days until Christmas Eve!). We’re willing to bet that the majority of our students will be leaving us for a few weeks to go home and spend the festive season with their family and friends back home.

In the rush to get back home to the ultimate comfort of your old bed in more familiar surroundings, it can be difficult to remember to do a few important things before you leave your digs at uni.

Because we are pretty awesome (and not to mention one of the best providers of student accommodation in Leicester) we’ve got you covered! Here’s our checklist of 3 things that you should remember before heading home for Christmas!

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Student’s Guide to Surviving Christmas


How are you going to survive Christmas this year?

Sometimes living in your trusted student accommodation is unavoidable during the festive season. Home may be miles and miles away, or it could simply be the next town over. Either way, this year you’ve decided to strike out on your own so, while your housemates are packing their suitcases, here are a couple of ideas to help you survive the Christmas season on your own.


Christmas Meals are Divine!

Before your flatmates vanish for Christmas, why not organise a final meal? Starting the celebrations off early is a great way to get you feeling festive. There are plenty of amazing pubs in Lancaster and Leicester which serve scrummy Christmas meals for groups. Alternatively, why not transform your flat into a hub of music and laughter as you work together to make your own Christmas meal!

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Keep it Clean! 3 Reasons You’ll Love Having a Weekly Cleaning Service

Hands up who’s guilty of any of the cardinal sins of student living – letting the dishes mount up at the side of the sink, forgetting to take the trash out or never getting round to cleaning the bathroom. If any of this sounds familiar then you’re far from alone, and being house proud is not generally an attribute which gets associated with students. Continue reading

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