What You Need to Know About Postgraduate Study | CityBlock

The current economic climate means that 85 graduates now apply to each job vacancy.

With that in mind, graduates are looking towards postgraduate degrees in order to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Postgraduate degrees either fall into the category of ‘taught’ or ‘research’. A taught degree is similar to an undergraduate degree; there are seminars, workshops and you complete another dissertation. However, there is more emphasis on independent research. Masters degrees, postgraduate diplomas and conversion courses are all taught postgraduate degrees.

Research postgraduate degrees include MPhils and PhDs. A PhD usually lasts three years, if you study full time, and consists of independent research which results in a thesis (usually of around 80,000 words).  During a PhD you are required to make what is known as a new contribution to knowledge, in other words, you research a topic that hasn’t really been written on before. So, at the end of your PhD you are recognised as an expert in your field.

A postgraduate degree is an investment in your future, so they’re worth thinking carefully about. You may wish to consider the financial implications of carrying on with your studies after graduation, as you can’t get a student loan for postgraduate study.

Studying at a postgraduate level means that you will pick up more transferable skills. You will develop your analytical skills and will be encouraged multiple times to employ good time management and interpersonal organisational skills (as you are required to meet regularly with your supervisor). You will exercise other transferable skills, such as effective communication, project management skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving and independent thinking.

Postgraduate degrees act as conversion courses. At the end of their degree, or after a period of working, many graduates realise they need a more specific degree to pursue their career of choice.  Taught postgraduate courses often provide this combination of specialist and conversion attributes, with many offering different pathways into the course as a whole.

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Posted on July 22nd, 2014