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Exam season is almost upon us. It seemed a far-off dream at the beginning of the university year, but now it is about to hit you like a bucket of ice-cold reality. You may feel prepared or you may feel like you need an extra year of revision, either way, it’s coming whether you like it or not. However, there are certain things you can buy or prepare now that will make your revision – and therefore your exams – go much more swimmingly.

So, what do you need to ensure that your exam season goes as well as possible?

Pens, Pens, More Pens…


And one more for good luck. There is nothing worse than revising for an exam, working yourself up to it, only to sit down and realise you turned up to an exam with a pen that has just run out of ink. And it was the only one you brought. Disaster.

Having a spare, or fifty, in your backpack is the way to feel secure walking into your exams. If one runs out, you have a whole host to replace it. It doesn’t magically mean you will know the answers to write with said pen, but at least you will be able to get them down if you do!

Snack Pack


Sometimes revision can be long, arduous and the sun can set before you even know what’s going on. Your focus can be so great, you may even forget to have a proper meal throughout the day.

Snacks are the hero that every forgetful student needs during a marathon revision session. Not just chocolate and crisps, mind you. Cut up some carrots, gather some olives or nuts, and even make a smoothie the previous day. If you know you’re about to go under the revision haze, then prep to keep you energised and hydrated will make it go that much more smoothly.

 Encouraging Post-Its


Is your motivation lacking? Inspiration dried up? Or is information just not sticking in your brain? Well, never fear! There is a post-it note solution to your woes.

Write yourself a happy message, stick up some answers to those burning revision questions and try to forget about them. They will catch your eye randomly every so often, imparting their knowledge piece by piece or putting a smile on your face. Either way, they are an invaluable tool for the serious revisionist!



Time is the best thing you can put into your exam survival kit, as it is what you will need the most. Start revising now! It may seem like you still have a few months and hey, you know it all anyway, right? Well, it won’t feel that way in the midst of your exam when you realise you don’t know your heat from your temperature. Invest the time now and you may be surprised by the results!

Of course, the best tool to survive your exams is to have a relaxing, quiet, environment from which to revise in. Book your CityBlock accommodation now to secure the perfect revision space!

Posted on April 7th, 2017