Fresher Fails: Our Top 4 Fresher’s Week Mistakes | CityBlock

It’s nearly time- fresher’s week is almost here and we know that you can’t wait to celebrate moving away to university in style.

Fresher’s week is notorious for being the best week of a student’s university life and we couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing like attending student-orientated events for getting to know your new flatmates and course buddies while having a blast at the same time.

As we provide some of the comfiest student flats you could say that we are graduates of fresher’s week mistakes. We’d recommend that you try to avoid making them, but don’t feel like you are the only one if some do happen- trust us, there will be thousands of students up and down the country making them too!

Not Enough Money

The lure of your student loan landing in your bank account can be incredibly tempting. We’re willing to bet that you won’t have had the need to budget while living at home, so you may feel a sense of freedom when you know you have money sitting in your bank account.


Many freshers don’t realise how much things cost and as a result spend a hefty chunk on their loan payment on stuff that they want, rather than essentials.

We’re not saying don’t have fun, just have some restraint and try to budget for events that you want to go to- as well as living essentials such as shopping.

Losing Important Items (Keys, Wallet, Phone etc.)

They’re there one minute and gone the next, but you have no idea where they have disappeared to. It’s unfortunate, but it does happen-even to the best of us.

Giving house keys

Make sure that you try to keep all your belongings safe in your bag or your pockets and be careful when taking items out- you wouldn’t believe how easily your keys can fall out when you have reached in to get your wallet.

Set off the Fire Alarm

Sometimes this may be completely by accident. We aren’t all Gordon Ramsay and we’ll bet that this is the first time in some student’s lives that they have had to cook for themselves. Mistakes happen.

Try to make sure that you follow the cooking instructions to avoid unwanted fire alarm drills, and avoid cooking after a night out… no one likes burnt fish fingers or standing in the rain with the rest of the building at 3am.

Fire alarm switch in factory

It’s also worth mentioning that activating a fire alarm when there is no fire is present is a criminal offence under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004. It’s best not to risk getting in trouble with the police, fire brigade as well as risking your place at university on your first week there.

Sleeping In

Having so much fun on fresher’s week can leave some people feeling incredibly tired. We understand the daily struggle that is getting out of bed, but sleeping in over your lectures is something that is best avoided.

woman in bed awakening

Not only will you have 30 pairs of eyes staring at you as you burst through the doors still wearing your pyjamas, you will have missed out on some of the lecture, which isn’t scheduled for nothing.

Fresher’s week is a great experience, and here at CityBlock, we hope that you have a fantastic time. We’re glad to be here as you start your university life and are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your accommodation with us. Contact our friendly team today.


Posted on September 10th, 2015