House Hunting For The Year 2014-2015 | CityBlock

For university students, the year drawing to end does not only mean it is time to go home and enjoy the Christmas holidays with family and friends you had dearly missed while you were away. It also signals the exciting period when many people search for the next university year’s accommodation. The fear of ending up homeless or being in a sub-standard accommodation for the year is common amongst students, however, the best accommodation goes to the best prepared people.

No one wants to end up living in poorly conditioned places such as those characterised by inefficient heating, poor glazing and low budget furnishing. Since the house-hunting season is predominantly around the end of the current year and the very start of the forthcoming year, the majority of the best housing will removed from the market by the start of summer. It is therefore highly advised that students dedicate the start of the year to finding appropriate and satisfactory housing to avoid any last minute dilemmas of choosing between the lower quality accommodations. At City Block, we pride ourselves to offering the best quality student accommodation in Lancaster and Reading .

Our top of the range housing provides students with many advantages extending from location and services available to the pricing. Currently, in Lancaster we have City Block 1, 2 and 3, all located in the city centre. This means students can enjoy the benefits of accessibility to the vibrant city centre of Lancaster. There is a host of nightclubs, restaurants,parks and various other places of interest to explore and all the facilities are within walking distance from the accommodations. Transport links are also great, with the local bus station and train station both within close proximity.

The recently built City Block accommodation is fully equipped with some of the latest housing features such as the en-suite facilities and is suitable for all students whether you are in your first, second or third year of studying. Our professional services also promote diversity within culture as we welcome international students to our properties at affordable prices. If you are looking for excellent student accommodation in Reading or Lancaster, then make sure you are first to make an enquiry and register for a room. Please contact us on 01524541251 for more information regarding accommodation.

Posted on December 20th, 2013