Get Into The Christmas Spirit In Your City Block Flat | CityBlock

Whoever said you can’t feel Christmassy at uni? Sure, it’s a bit strange being away from home at the lead up to Christmas time but there’s no reason why you can’t get festive in your Lancaster Uni Accommodation.  The second half of first term is where you can really employ the work hard, play hard ethic. After all, if you get your assignments handed in on time, you have every reason to celebrate right? This blog will help you discover great ways to eat, drink and be merry with your flat mates this season.

Make your own Decorations

Some Christmas decorations are really easy to make. Pop down to the Works or Pound land and buy some craft packs. Then get cutting and sticking! You can make snowflake chandeliers out of white card board and decorate them with glitter. Cut out two same sized snow flake shapes and then slot them together. You could also make paper chains with pretty wrapping paper. You could buy a small Christmas tree from somewhere like Argos, but to make it more fun, you could make your own decorations. Try painted ping pong balls as baubles; cut-out images from last year’s cards, pipe cleaner figures and ribbons.

Cook a Flat Christmas Dinner

If well organised, this can be one of the best events of your uni year. Either work out the cost and then have everyone but a share of the money together, or get everyone to buy different components. You could do a joint Asda delivery to save time on shopping. Do it on a weekend, so you have the time to slave over the cooker. Don’t forget table decorations, crackers and great music. You could cook a Christmas pudding if you’re feeling brave or buy a more conventional pud like a big chocolate gateau to keep everyone happy.Once the meal is done, it’s time for some party games!

Organise Secret Santa

Here at City Block we absolutely love secret Santa, although sometimes staying secretive gets tough! Plan this well in advance so everyone has time to go shopping. You could maybe arrange the present exchanging to happen at your Christmas dinner. Write everyone’s name on a piece of paper which is then put into a hat (preferably a Santa hat), then get everyone to pick out a slip of paper, one by one. In the unlikely event that you pick yourself (it happens), simply return to the hat and select another name. Agree on a budget of what to spend on each other; £10 if you’re feeling generous, or you could set a challenge of getting the coolest stuff for £2.

Go to local Christmas Events

In order to really get in the Christmas spirit, why don’t you and your flatmates really get involved with the Christmas events happening in Lancaster this year? On Sunday 24th November there is the Christmas lights switch-on in the market square. From noon until 6pm the square will be bursting with life with a Santa dash for charity. There will also be live music, choirs, dancing, food stalls and a live broadcast by The Bay. From 30th November until the 8th December there will be an ice rink just behind the Winter Gardens in Morecambe. On Saturday 7th December there is a Handmade and Vintage craft fair in the Storey Institute for unique and quirky gift buying. From 16th to 18th December, if you haven’t already trundled home for the holidays, there’s the Christmas fair at Lancaster Brewery which includes food, gifts, live music and a fun fair!

Posted on December 20th, 2013