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As we discussed in our last blog post, The Bucket List: University Part One, we tried to give you a little bit of cheeky inspiration to make your uni years count and provide you with the best memories for years to come!

University can be the best thing you will ever do; learning to look after yourself, stand on your own two feet and be completely independent. However, there will be ups and there will be downs, but it is entirely up to you to make sure you get what YOU want from your time at university and to leave without any regrets.

So, as promised here are a few more of our must-do’s for your university bucket list:

Try something new, learn a random skill

University is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and bite the bullet with learning a completely useless or random skill. Hey, it might not be one for the CV but it will definitely be a great way of experiencing new things and meeting new people. There are plenty of societies to get involved with at uni and, if there isn’t one you fancy, why not start your own?

Go on a blind date

Ever been on a blind date? One word: Awkward. However, blind dates are something that everyone should do at least once in their life and university is the perfect setting for such embarrassment. If it goes well, happy days! And if it doesn’t – at least you know you’re friends are waiting in the pub to hear the gossip. You never know, you might end up even marrying someone you met at university. Studies have shown that 32% of students end up marrying their uni-sweetheart. Aww!

Do something for charity

Fancy doing something a little more productive than beer pong and sleeping in ‘til 5pm? Do something for charity. It’s the perfect way of combining doing something good, raising money for a great cause and making your parents proud – as well as giving yourself a serious pat on the back! Round up a group of mates and do a marathon or a sponsored bike ride etc. The wackier the better – and you’ll raise a lot of money for charity along the way.

Have a house party

Ever thrown a house party in your parent’s house and regretted it instantly the morning after? Well, it’s that idea but with your own house and your own belongings. Changes your perspective a little, eh? However, throwing a house party is a MUST for any student household. Restrict your guest list to only good people and good moods and it will surely be a success without the mess… hopefully!

Host a dinner party

Why not add a little class to your socialising activities? Everybody loves a bit of ‘come dine with me’ so invite your best pals round to yours and cook them a yummy 3-course dinner. Hint: The more people you invite the more meals you get in return, so if anything, this is a great idea if you can’t cook and fancy being wined and dined every night for a week or so.

Prank your flat mates

Although flat mate pranks are a staple of any university student household, don’t do anything too mean! That poor unsuspecting person that went home for the weekend and left their room unlocked… take advantage but in a light hearted and fun way!

Visit your mates at other universities

Visiting your friends at other universities is a great way of travelling the country and a perfect way to spend a weekend combining friends and seeing the goings on of different cities. It is also a really cheap way to see the country without forking out for accommodation. Perfect!

Complete your dissertation with plenty of time to spare

The dreaded dissertation… Everybody tells you not to leave it until the last minute and inevitably you will, but seriously, that really is the best piece of advice anyone can give you during your time at university. If you spend a few hours a week on it in and complete it slowly, you will produce a much better piece of work and you will walk in on deadline day fresh as a daisy compared to the poor students who haven’t slept for a solid 2-3 days!

Save your pictures

Your phone and Facebook profile will hold so many picture perfect memories that you really do not want to lose. If you’re one of those people that are on their second iPhone because you smash it a few days after getting it, make sure you back up all your picture memories on to your computer. These are the embarrassing and golden memory photographs that you will look back on in the future and think ‘university really was the best time of my life!

Get your degree

Amidst all the fun and social sides of university, try not to forget that the whole purpose of being there is to get your degree! You’ve spent a lot of time and crazy amounts of money in order to wear that gown and hat on graduation day, so make sure you do well and get a cracking graduation photo that will be hanging above the mantel-piece to embarrass you for the next 10 years.


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Posted on May 28th, 2014