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University, “the best years of your lives” or at least that is what everybody tells you. It can also be the most stressful, hard-working and fulfilling time of your life!

University is the optimum time to grow as an individual – you move away from home, from your family and your friends and become completely reliant on yourself and the new adopted family you make along the way.

Previous university generations are forever telling future uni-goers that their time at university passed by within the blink of an eye, and there are so many things that they wish they had done and experienced before they graduated. On average, people attend university for 3 years, which when you think about it, is really not very long at all.

So don’t let your time at university go to waste, make sure you make every possible memory and leave university with no regrets! Here are a few cheeky ideas to add to your student bucket list to make sure you really do have the best years of your life, before you start a career in the ‘real world.’

Make as many friends as possible

During your time at university, you will meet many different characters and personalities – some you will become instant best friends with and some you will not. Don’t worry! Surround yourself with people that make you happy and who compliment your personality. These people will become your family; and they’ll be by your side through the laughs, the jokes, the tears and the deadline stresses. The friends you make at university are like no other friends you’ve had before, they’ll be the drunken ones at your wedding and will be your best friends for life!

Enjoy the city you are in, experience everything!

Choosing the university you wish to attend is a difficult choice, not only finding the right course but finding the ideal city that suits you. A university location can offer plenty to see and do, and it is important that you attend a university where you will not only get the best from your chosen course, but fall in love with the city you will be living in for the next 3+ years. Experience everything the city has to offer, enjoy the day and nightlife and fully immerse yourself in the city’s culture.

Get fresher’s flu

Unfortunately, this is an inescapable part of being a fresher! Everyone has had it, and if you avoid it – you are very lucky! Don’t worry though and ignore the horror stories, sure you will feel pretty dreadful for awhile, but after a few days you will be absolutely fine again and ready to party!

Learn to cook

Learn to cook acceptable food… on a budget! This is a skill you will become very acquainted with and one that will help you out greatly in the future. Living the student dream of 10p noodles and never-ending pasta bakes will eventually get tiresome, and you will be forced to get creative in the kitchen! TIP: Everybody loves the person at uni that can actually cook! Food makes friends.

Do fancy dress… and lots of it!

Fancy dress – the staple of any student lifestyle! Cavemen, cowboys/girls, school disco etc, there will eventually be photographic evidence of every embarrassing fancy dress memory somewhere on Facebook. Make your own to save a few pennies, and when it comes to fancy dress – the more unique the better!

Watch a whole TV series in a day

The ability to complete a programme series in the space of 24 hours is another life skill you will acquire and greatly appreciate in later life. On your days off or at the weekend – get your friends round, cook lots of junk food and enjoy the latest TV treats for a cheap and fun alternative.

Learn to budget

University is a time to really learn how to stand on your own two feet and look after yourself. It is a tricky task to budget accordingly each term and not get that excited feeling over the lovely student loan that has just landed in your bank account. However, if you master the art of budgeting and be strict with your spending, the strain of being a ‘skint student’ won’t feel so hard after all.

…To Be Continued!


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Posted on May 28th, 2014