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Well, we knew there had to be a day dedicated to it… today is actually official Lazy Day! This is all very convenient considering there is room still available at our student accommodation in Lancaster where let’s face it, you’ll be spending a fair amount of time lazing! And why not? You’ve earned it!

But what about when you need to be on your A-game? Those late nights can be a little hard to resist, so you may need a little bit of help from Mother Nature to help you rise. Fortunately for you, we’ve only gone and wrote you a list of the foods to eat to help give your day the kick up the exercise book it so desperately needs! You lucky blighters.


OK, it’s no energy drink, but it’s absolutely integral to keep the cells in your body ticking along and working at optimum level. Drink at least 500ml when you get up in the morning and give you and your body a fighting chance at avoiding fatigue.

drinking water3


While we’re talking healthy… scoff a banana. Rich in both Vitamin B and potassium, they can help to slow down your body’s digestion and aid in regulating the levels of sugar in your blood level.

Bran Flakes

Switch your cereal for bran in order to give your body that energy injection of iron, B-vitamins and magnesium that it desperately requires. Also, if you tend to find yourself snacking on naughty sugary, fatty majigers, bran helps keep you full for longer.


Or Sir Protein, as everybody (nobody) calls them. Crammed with protein and iron, eggs give you a sustainable amount of energy throughout your day, simultaneously boosting your choline; this is a B-vitamin required for improved brain function. Not bad that, is it?



Fancy a bit of last night’s curry? Course you do… It’s just as well that the spice of turmeric, cinnamon and cumin help to boost energy levels with antioxidants. Watch out for the bay leaf and cardamom though, but you already knew that. Bleurgh.

So, now you know what you should be scoffing on when you’re zombieing through the net in the morning, both benefitting from our super dooper wifi and catching up on the latest viral vids… Or should we say, diligently researching? Either way, keeping your brain and body ticking over is of paramount importance when undertaking your studies and exams so, come on, it’s only a couple more years! Give your body a helping hand. Or mouth… Well, mouthful. You know what we’re trying to say… Be smart!

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Speaking of being smart, if you’re still looking for the coming year’s accommodation then it would be wise to give us a shout and allow us to take you on a tour or set you up with one of our luxury student accommodations. Allow us to give you the perfect base from which to undertake your studies (and viral vid binges). To hear about our lodgings and to discuss our service, don’t hesitate to have a gander at our booking page or to contact us today; one of our friendly team will be waiting.

Posted on August 10th, 2015