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You, you’re the perfect housemate, right? Obviously you are; you’re intelligent, respectful, and you can cook up a mean spag-bol. But what about everyone else? How do you know what to look for when interviewing potential housemates to come live in your awesome student accommodation in Lancaster or wherever you’re based?

Living with new folk isn’t easy, but there are a few pointers to look for. Like, if you’re a bookish studier, you’re not gonna wanna live with a metalhead who can’t hear music unless it’s cranked all the way up to 11. And if you’re that metalhead, that bookish study-lover probably won’t fit in with your lifestyle. So…

Know Who You Want (Sort of)

Like everything in life, it’s a good idea to have an end-goal in mind. Knowing what type of housemate you’re looking for is a good start, what sort of personality, temperament, that sort of thing – but be flexible. If you have a single vision of your ideal housemate, you’ll still be looking for them long after you graduate.

Don’t Live with Pals

Living with friends can seem like an great idea, but those quirks you adore down the pub can pretty swiftly turn into rage-inducing habits. Familiarity breeds contempt. And back-stabbing. And…

Look Beyond the Smile

That guy or gal you’re interviewing may be the friendliest person you’ve ever met. They laugh at your jokes, tell awesome anecdotes, and really seem like they’ll fit in. Know who else is like that? Psychopaths. Ok, we’re not suggesting you’ll get brutally murdered in your sleep, but it’s important to judge a person on more than just their amiable exterior.

Study Habits

Finding out about your potential housemate’s study habits is crucial. If there’s any chance they’ll cause a distraction while you’re trying to work, it’s going to end the same way as Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s relationship – badly.

Domesticate It

Living with someone requires a whole lot of give and take. So is your housemate prepared to help out with the chores, or are you going to do find them slobbing out on the couch, conspicuously avoiding three months-worth of dishes in the sink? And if that slob is you, it’s no good enlisting a clean-freak for a housemate.

Don’t Be That Housemate (And Don’t Let Them Be That Housemate Either)

It’s not always going to be easy co-habiting with others. But that doesn’t mean it’s a licence to go writing passive-aggressive notes, or putting post-it notes on absolutely everything. Choose a housemate with whom, even when the chips are down (and the laundry’s piling up), you feel comfortable talking about problems.

Now you’re set to find your perfect housemate – it’s one of the most exciting aspects of uni, meeting new people and making new friends. And if you’re still looking for awesome student accommodation in Lancaste or student accommodation in Reading , we can lend a hand, with premium flats and houses for individuals and groups. To get the low-down, simply contact us on 01524 541 251 and our team will be delighted to help.

Posted on March 3rd, 2015