How Was Fresher’s Week For You? | CityBlock

So the madness that is fresher’s week is over for another year across most of the country, and thousands of new and returning students are settling into their new homes for the year. This week the Telegraph published a novel article, which has been spread across social media, featuring 10 signs you’ve survived fresher’s week. So, how many things on the list did you accomplish? Here are some of our favourites from the list.

You’ve acquired enough bar crawl and novelty T-shirts for a lifetime supply of pyjamas

We all do it when we start Uni, and attend every single event we can possibly fit in without dying; usually involving a little too much alcohol, glow paint and marker pens. During fresher’s week it seems like every single organised event wants to give you free stuff, and we’re not complaining!

You’ve got used to the sticky floors of clubs

By the end of fresher’s week, even the new starters probably know which establishments we are mainly referring to here. You go out in your brand new shoes, enter a venue trying to look as cool as possible, but your feet don’t seem to be cooperating. Perhaps worsened if you have had a couple of drinks.

Your inbox is full of emails from the random societies you joined

Over-enthusiasm at the fresher’s fair might be the bane of your existence for the rest of your University career. Under good intentions, you sign up to every society which sounds like a bit of fun, until you realise you only have time for one or two, but all 15 of them continue to send you daily updates, making your phone vibrate every 2 minutes.

You’ve gone to at least one seminar with the stamp of a nightclub on your cheek

Something which is certainly not advised by CityBlock, but occasionally we all let our guard down and perhaps go a little over the top on a night out. For many people this occurs in fresher’s week, after which we learn these practices are not such a good idea the following day, when at a lecture your friend kindly informs you that you have ink on your face and paint in your hair.

But on the plus side, you’re happy because you’ve made some new friends

The most important thing, no matter how you decide to live your university life, is that you share your experiences with people who may well be friends for life. So now that you are beginning to settle down again, and the hard work is beginning, for most people it is a time to get serious. To have the best possible Uni experience, one of the most important factors is that you are happy and comfortable in the environment you are calling home.

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Posted on October 11th, 2013