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Hands up who’s guilty of any of the cardinal sins of student living – letting the dishes mount up at the side of the sink, forgetting to take the trash out or never getting round to cleaning the bathroom. If any of this sounds familiar then you’re far from alone, and being house proud is not generally an attribute which gets associated with students.

We know that between partying and lectures there isn’t often much time for anything else besides sleep – but if you look down deep in your heart, isn’t there at least a little part of you that yearns for a spruced up flat? Keeping the place clean and tidy can help with your health and de-clutter your mind, so surely the best option is a clean flat without any of that hard work.

More Time for Sleep and Study

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One thing which often gets overlooked when people talk about sprucing up their flat is just how much time it can take. A proper, deep clean is not just a ten minute job – it requires real effort and even some dedicated planning if you want to hit every spot. But when you’ve got three deadlines coming up in January and a whole collection of Christmas parties to attend in the not too distant future, this just isn’t feasible.

When you have cleaners providing these services for you, however, you get to appreciate the university experience that you’re actually paying for.

Cleaners Grab the Germs that You Missed

If you’re not trained in the fine art sanitising a kitchen then there’s a fairly good chance that you won’t manage to destroy all of the germs – some of them can be pretty skilled at hiding, after all. A pro cleaner on the other hand, will know exactly where to look to ensure that potentially harmful (or smelly) bacteria, dirt and dust doesn’t mount up in your living space.

Impress Your Parents

It’s hard to let your kid fly the nest, so it’s no wonder that parents can get a little protective when they see your home away from home. Show them a clean and sparkling flat and their peace of mind will soar, giving you free brownie points!

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Taking advantage of the City Block cleaning service can definitely help improve your quality of life, so if you’d like to discuss the student accommodation options that we have available then please get in touch with us – either online or at  0116 251 7270. You can also connect with us over Facebook or Twitter, where we share tons of student tips and updates about the rooms we have available.

Posted on November 9th, 2015