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If you’re like us, you’re probably super excited about Christmas being only just around the corner (20 days until Christmas Eve!). We’re willing to bet that the majority of our students will be leaving us for a few weeks to go home and spend the festive season with their family and friends back home.

In the rush to get back home to the ultimate comfort of your old bed in more familiar surroundings, it can be difficult to remember to do a few important things before you leave your digs at uni.

Because we are pretty awesome, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our checklist of 3 things that you should remember before heading home for Christmas!

Get As Much Work Done as Possible

It might be Christmas, but work doesn’t miraculously disappear just because you aren’t in the same city as your university.

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We know that no one wants to be doing work while they are trying to enjoy some time with their family and friends, so why not try and get the majority of it done before you leave. Not only will this give you more relaxation opportunities, but it will keep your mind from wandering to work when all you want to do is stuff your face full of chocolate!

If you have exams or deadlines shortly after Christmas, make sure you are giving your work or research a look every now and then, though.

Book Your Travel in Advance

Believe us when we say, if you are travelling by public transport to get home for Christmas, it’s best to book in advance.

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Not only will this make it cheaper for you, but it should guarantee you a seat on your journey- other students will be heading back too, on top of all the regular commuters!

Try to be completely flexible and try to avoid peak rush hours to ensure that you will have enough room for you and your luggage! No one wants to be stood in a packed train for 3 hours with their suitcase because they chose a peak service!

Empty Your Fridge

Even if you’ll only be away for a week or two, try to take out any food which will spoil in that time that you will be away.

Milk, cheese, bread, eggs- anything that could go remotely bad (and stink up the fridge) – either throw it in the bin, or donate it to a food charity if there is still a decent date on them. This will reduce the amount of gagging you- and your flatmates- will have to do every time the fridge gets opened when you are back!

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Getting yourself prepared for Christmas at home starts way before packing your suitcase the day before. Make sure that you aren’t forgetting anything and remember to lock up and switch off any electrical appliances before you leave!

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Posted on December 4th, 2015