Make-Up Advice: Dare To Scare With Our Halloween Competition! | CityBlock

If you’re omnipresent across social media, you’ll be aware that City Block are offering a scarily good prize for the best dressed this Halloween! Not content to offer you a superb haunt in the form of our student flats in Lancaster, we’re going to give a £50 Amazon voucher to the scariest Halloween costume; all you have to do is post it to our Facebook or Twitter!

Now, to open up the competition we thought we’d provide you handsome lot with some spooky make-up tips. So, dust off the cobwebs from your face-paint and bring your A-game as we offer you some spoooooky tutorials.

The Unzipped Face

Whilst the unzipped face may look fairly ambitious, it is actually somewhat deceiving. We’d love to see an army of the unzipped roaming around Lancaster. Imagine walking into a toilet and seeing that! Give this tutorial a go to give yourself a truly terrifying look this Halloween, although we advise you to be careful when tucking into your kebab afterwards, the cheeks are a bit chewy.


This horrendous latex-laden look may take a rather lengthy period of time to construct, but it will certainly be worth it! Halloween’s the time of year where we all get to hauntingly flaunt our inner creepiness, so if you have the time to undertake this sinister mask, then we can only implore you to give it a go!

White Nun

Any American Horror Story fans will recognise this creepy lil lady from the Asylum series. A simple look with a massive impact, the White Nun is sure to stand out among all the dark costumes synonymous with Halloween. If you want to get noticed in a dark club, this is certainly the look to go for…

So, there we have it. We’ve given you some cool ideas to get your creative juices – and fake blood – flowing, so don’t waste any time piecing together your costumes! Your time to create the ultimate spookstravaganza is running out, and you could be winning yourself a £50 voucher at the end of it; I know… we spoil ya’.

Don’t forget to send across your spooky images across to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and if you need any more information, or would like to discuss our accommodation services, then you can give our ghoulish team a ring. You can contact us on 01524 541251, where we are simply dying to hear from you.

Posted on October 26th, 2015