Our Top 5 List of Student Meals | CityBlock

Admit it, whilst away from home your culinary genius tends to extend only to the most basic of meals. Don’t worry though! We aren’t here to judge you, instead we thought we’d provide those of you living in our student accommodation a few pointers on how to transform the top 5 student meals into something a little more inspiring!


1. Baked Beans on Toast

This student staple is never going to go out of style, offering almost instant gratification with a tiny price tag. However, after your third or fourth stint with a tin of Sainsbury’s basics, the appeal of baked beans can wear a little thin. Quick fixes to jazz up your bland beans can be found anywhere from the fridge with a hand full of cheese or ham to the cupboard with a splash of Worchester sauce or Reggae Reggae sauce to transform your miserable meal into a delicious flavoursome treat.


2. Fish Finger Sarnies

We all love a good fish finger sarnie every now and again, but there’s only so many you can scoff without getting a little sick and tired of the same old bread, fingers and ketchup combo. Try and take a more Michelin approach to your meal, adding a squeeze of lemon to your fish fingers and a dab of tartar sauce to granary bread for a transformed eating experience that’ll make your mates jealous.


3. Instant Noodles

Mmmm… Noodles! We all love a bargain and at just a few pence per pack in some supermarkets, instant noodles offer a quick fix to a rumbling belly. Make these meals more nutritious by prepping them Ramen style with a few diced carrots and cabbage leaves, chopped ham or even hard boiled eggs (halved). Not only will adding in fresh veg boost the value of these meals, but it’ll also help you stay fuller for longer.


4. Pasta and Sauce

Pasta and sauce is a fantastic budget friendly meal, but sometimes you can get a little sick of the same old sugary shop bought sauces. Why not try making your own pasta sauce using chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, stock cubes and herbs instead to create a delicious topping for your carbs that isn’t full of preservatives and colourings? Remember, even if you do use shop bought sauces, you can still add in fresh vegetables such as peppers and courgettes to bolster your meal and cram in more of your 5-a-day!


5. Potato Waffles

These delicious squares of potato-y goodness can be found in student freezers across the country, but honestly, how many people can say that they eat them as part of a balanced meal? Put away the ketchup (no, it’s not 1 of your 5-a-day!) and get a little more creative with your waffles for a healthier and tastier dinner experience. Try topping your waffles jacket potato style with tuna and cucumber, cottage cheese and chives, or even pair them with leftovers such as chilli for a transformed culinary experience.

Posted on January 10th, 2014