Now is the Time to Book Your Accommodation for 2014/2015 | CityBlock

If you haven’t already started to think about it, you should be seriously considering where you want to live for next academic year by now. January means we’re officially in the same year as when your new academic year starts so you want to get your student accommodation in Lancaster   or your student accommodation in Reading organised before all the nicest places have gone. Second term is probably the busiest in terms of workload, so get your accommodation organising out of the way so that you can focus on your degree.

Because Lancaster is a relatively small city with two universities there is a high demand for off campus accommodation. Although there are thousands of student houses across the city, it is important to get organised early on so that you can guarantee high quality accommodation and you also get to live with the exact group of friends you wish to stay with.

An Alternative to Campus Living

Last Thursday Lancaster University announced that all their on-campus accommodation is now fully booked for the academic year 2014/ 2015, and all successful applicants have been informed. If you were hoping to book a place on campus for next year, the application process has now ended. If you did miss the boat for on campus accommodation or you were in the unfortunate group whose applications were rejected, there is no need to despair! CityBlock can offer really high quality student apartments, with a friendly atmosphere, excellent facilities and handy city centre locations.

Accommodating of Everyone

One advantage of living in CityBlock is that we are more likely to accommodate your whole group of friends than a house is: if you have quite a large number of friends who all definitely want to live together it is a challenge to find a house big enough. Here at CityBlock you can all live in the same building and if you book early, we can arrange for your rooms to be close together. Conversely, if you wish to apply alone, CityBlock has a friendly, student halls type atmosphere so you will be able to meet plenty of nice people living in the same flat as you. All our accommodation comes with ensuite – we’re the only city centre en suite accommodation provider – and there’s a large choice of room types from standard single rooms all the way to superior self-contained apartments if you want a whole living space to yourself.

Don’t Leave it Until the Last Minute

It is really important that you make a decision where you want to live as soon as possible as really great living spaces such as CityBlock get booked up quickly. There is limited availability of CityBlock accommodation and it is selling really fast –CityBlock 3, based on Penny Street, is already 75% booked up. If you really enjoy the atmosphere of living on campus then CityBlock provides the perfect transition from campus accommodation to city living: our rooms are arranged in flats of between 6 and 25 depending on which block you choose and  they have amazing communal living spaces for a ultra relaxed and sociable atmosphere.

Posted on January 13th, 2014