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Your Guide to Graduation!

Exams are (finally) over, dissertations have been handed in, and the sun is shining (for the time being, anyway). Many people will be graduating from university in the coming months, so we at CityBlock would like to share our guide to making the most of your graduation ceremony!

1. Start hinting for your graduation

Traditionally, university graduates will receive a gift to mark this milestone in their life. Gifts can range from champagne or a meal out, to classic pieces of jewellery such as earrings or a watch, to presents of monetary value, and even cars.

Please remember to take your parents financial situation into account before you start hinting! Be gracious, if you don’t receive a physical gift; the emotional and financial support which you may have received throughout your years at university is truly priceless.  Make sure mum and dad know you’re grateful!

2. Get an outfit sorted

In order to avoid looking back at your graduation photos and cringing, invest in a classic outfit for your graduation ceremony. Ladies may wish to consider the faithful little black dress, whilst guys should stick to a classic shirt and tie combo.

However, you may wish to throw caution to the wind and go colourful. After all, nothing much will go with those orange and purple robes anyway.

3. Take great photos

You may feel that you’re too busy and having too much fun to stop and pose for photos, but you won’t regret taking 15 minutes out of your day to pose for a group photo with your friends.

Make sure that one of your relatives or friends captures the all important caps-in-the-air moment!

4. Drink champagne

As a graduate, your days of binge-drinking and sleeping in until 4pm are numbered. Make the most of today and drink as much champagne as you feel is necessary.

Note: Try not to throw up on your rented robes, as this will cost you (both emotionally and financially).

5. Thank the people who’ve helped you get to where you are

Yes, you may have written that horribly arduous dissertation all on your own, and sat through numerous exams without any guidance – but don’t forget to thank the people who helped you get to your graduation.

Thank your parents or guardians. The two minutes it will take for you to say thank you will mean so much to them. Thank any lecturers or academic staff who may have helped you on your way, after all –they have worked to help give you a future.

6. Forgive your undergraduate grudges

The day of your Graduation ceremony is not one to harbour grudges. After all, you will be moving onwards and upwards, and you don’t want to take old animosities with you. A smile will cost you nothing (and you will appear très mature).

9. Remember…

Life will not give you grades, but it will test you.

Adopt the mantra ‘proceed and be bold’ and look to your future as a graduate with positivity and optimism. Oh, and when the excitement from the day has died down, you may wish to sign up to a site like Prospects is the official graduate careers website, and is a great way to find work experience, internships and even a graduate job. It’s a great way to ease yourself into the ‘real world’ which everyone goes on about so intently…


Don’t worry if you feel like this guy on graduation day. It’s totally okay to not know what your next step is going to be!

If you are not graduating this year, and you are looking for student accommodation in Lancaster, Reading or Durham, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at CityBlock.

Posted on June 23rd, 2014