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It may be a little way away for some, or happening right now depending on your exam timetable, but the end of exams is a hallowed time. A period of relief that you want to enjoy to the fullest. There are a few post-exam rituals that every student participates in, time old activities which are bound to help you come down from the stress and go-go-go pace of exams.

So, what should you do to celebrate the end of exams and enjoy your new-found freedom?

1 – Celebrate with Friends

A good night out tends to be in short supply when exams are plaguing your friendship group. Embarrassing tagged photos are few and far between, loving texts at 2 am are suddenly friendly messages at 4 pm asking to look over your notes and you haven’t heard the addictive beat of ‘Mr Brightside’ for a full month or so. Treat yourself to a night out after your exams and these things will all return to your life in a flash!

2 – Cook a Fancy Meal

Monday night is noodles. Friday night is noodles. Wednesday lunch? You guessed it, more noodles. Stress and the feeling of time running out can put cooking on the back burner when exams are at their peak. When they’re done and dusted you have a lot more time to let your inner gourmet chef out. It might be a simple Spaghetti Bolognese or you might create a Sushi wonderland, either way, enjoy some real food now you have the time!

An Italian summer dish associated with Sicily, Caponata, with selective focus

3 – Fancy Dress

What is a better way to forget about all of the stress of exams than pretending to be someone else? Save the day as Superman or lord over your subjects as Queen Daenerys Targaryen, just don’t think about exams as you do it.

4 – Ride a Rollercoaster

Scream if you want to go faster! There’s nothing like pretending your impending adulthood isn’t happening – like enjoying the day at a theme park, with an added dose of candy floss! Of course, adults and children alike can find adrenaline fuelled fun on roller coasters. If you’re looking for a way to shake off the exam cobwebs then flying through the air at 60mph is a fab way to do it.

Enthusiastic young friends riding amusement park ride

5 – Learn a Foreign Language

More learning? Really? Yes, learn all of the best phrases that you will need for your post-exam holiday. Vous étiez presque trompé!

6 – Retail Therapy

Sometimes feeling better after a long exam period can come in the simple act of spending money. Whether you’re buying a video game you’ve put off playing to concentrate on your studying, a book that wasn’t included on your reading list or simply want to go out and buy a new pair of trainers; treat yourself for a job well done. Or not, retail therapy is flexible like that.

Group Of Young Friends Shopping In Mall Together

7 – Family Time

Going home and hugging your cat may be the best way to celebrate your exams being over: period. Maybe give your mum a kiss on the cheek too when she hands over a wonderful plate of food.

8 – Escape to Nature

If you’re studying in Lancaster you are breathtakingly close to the wonders of the Lake District, in Reading you’re close to the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Durham is close to the North Pennines … well, you always have Birmingham. Or you can journey a little further north to visit Sherwood Forest or even the Peak District National Park. Wherever you go, you’re in for a wonderful adventure of greenery and animals enjoying the full swing of Spring.

Woman feel freedom and enjoy the beautiful view in the mountains

9 – Binge Watch the TV You’ve Missed

Have you and Netflix been on a break recently? Missed out on some of their latest releases? Or have you been missing your daily dose of Pointless? Whatever your television habits, spending a relaxing evening or two catching up on it all, is in order, after a long period of intensive studying. Just remember to eat in between episodes.

10 – Sleep

Sleepless nights are not uncommon when stressed about upcoming exams. Afternoon naps are also not productive at this point, as you will only feel like you’re wasting time. Luckily, sleep is a lot easier to schedule in when your biggest worries are remembering to meet your friends at certain times or when your shift starts at your new summer job. With exams defeated, naps are back in business and business is good.

cats sleeping together iStock_000023295727_Small

Of course, the most sensible post-exam ritual is ensuring that you have somewhere to rest your laurels next year post-exam results. Call CityBlock on 01524 541251 to secure your room today, or arrange a viewing at any of our fantastic city locations in Lancaster, Reading and Durham.


Posted on May 19th, 2017