UK – Still the Popular Choice | CityBlock


A recent report from Universities UK (UKK) has indicated that international student numbers are expected to continue to increase over the next decade – great news for the UK student accommodation sector.

Jeremy Holmes from Universities UK reports that the UK is the 2nd most popular destination for university courses with 13% of the total number of students globally studying in the UK.

At the Student Accommodation Conference in in December 2013, Jeremy revealed that the market for Higher Education has doubled since 2000 with 450,000 being international students.  Predicted growth markets for the UK include China, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Indonesia and Nigeria.

The UKK is aiming to deliver an additional 90,000 overseas students by 2018 causing additional demand for high quality student support and accommodation.  This figure equates to a 20% increase in 5 years which should hopefully increase overall income by 40%.

Jeremy went on to describe how the UKK will be working with the government to improve visa compliance issues with a clear message that “The UK is open for business”.

Posted on February 25th, 2014