4 Things You Definitely Won’t Miss Now You’re At Uni | CityBlock

Ok, so now you’re at uni. And if you’re honest, you probably miss your mum a bit – or at least her wicked-cool cooking. Seriously, can anyone else make spag-bol or bangers and mash as well as she can? Even your dad’s constant moaning, and your sister’s whining – which she calls singing – are probably missed a little bit. It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone. But here’s 4 things you definitely won’t miss now you’re at uni.

‘Turn your music down’

We know, we know. We love our parents too, but seriously, how many times are they going to tell you to turn your music down? I mean, come on, it’s not even loud! It’s not even the message; it’s that shrill squawk designed to simultaneously make you do as you’re told, and annoy you as much as humanly possible. Your mum will probably use the same tone to tell you to get out of bed in the mornings. Or afternoons, if you’re honest.

Hiding Your Vices

Whatever your vices, now you’re away at university you’ll be able to indulge in them – in moderation, of course – without those disapproving tuts from your parents. No more spraying your hands with deodorant to hide the smell of tobacco. And forget about having to creep quietly into the house after a late-night drinking session with your buddies. If your vices are more, well, studious, that’s cool too; no more annoyingly catty remarks about how your nose is always in a book! Our only tip is this: never mix your vices. That way madness lies. Oh, and definitely don’t inhale – especially if you’re planning on becoming President of the United States.

That Weird Guy at the Bus-Stop Who Always Stares at You

You call him ‘Buffalo Bill’ because a) you don’t know his real name, and b) you’re too afraid to ask. What is his problem?! You’ve asked yourself that every day for six years. That strange guy with the raggedy haircut who mouths dark threats against humanity to himself and stares at you like he’s calculated precisely sixteen-hundred-and-seven unique ways to disembowel you. Doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, or how politely you smile, you’ll still get the creeps when those piercing black eyes lock on to you. At least at uni, if you do meet any weirdoes you’ll be able to befriend them.

Wearing What Everyone Else is Wearing

Remember when you had to have the right trainers? Or when the girls mocked your hoodie because they thought they’d mis-printed ‘Corn’ with a backwards K? At university, you can be your own person. So sure, follow fashion if that’s your bag – we need delightfully fashionable people to set those all-important trends. But you don’t need to feel forced into it. I mean, we’re not at school anymore, so set your own style!

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Posted on October 2nd, 2014