How to Fake It with TV Shows | CityBlock

So you’re finally settling down at uni, now the madness of freshers’ week has passed. You’re finding a whole new routine: reading all the set texts, getting to bed early (of course!), handing in work well before the deadline. And you’re making all new friends. Pretty soon though someone’s going to ask you the following question – and if the answer is no, you could risk losing everything. Ok, you’ll probably lose nothing, but still, you could lose everything.


‘Do you watch Game of Thrones?’


‘Have you seen Breaking Bad?’


For those who have watched these shows, and countless like it – The Walking Dead, Homeland, Penny Dreadful – it’s a wonderful ice-breaker, and you can spend the next twenty years of your life discussing the finer points of Westeros politics, or Aaron Paul’s physique.


But what if you haven’t seen these TV shows? What then, you massive pariah, you? Obviously you’re going to get ‘round to watching them – it’s just fitting it into that crazy-hectic schedule you have. So here’s three quick tips for faking it in conversations when those inevitable questions roll around.


‘Oh, I don’t remember that bit.’

A fantastic catch-all, it’s better for folks to think your memory is shot than to confess you’ve never watched Game of Thrones. Anyway, nobody remembers anything about Game of Thrones except the deaths. And if that comes up, just smile, nod, and then claim you prefer the books.






‘I started watching it, but…’


This is a quick get out, useful for if you want to end the conversation quickly. You started watching it, but… But you don’t even have to finish the sentence. Just trail off, with a wave of your hand, as if you’re too good to waste time on such petty matters as television when there are atoms to be split and wars to halt. If you do fancy giving a reason, try to remember everything you’ve heard about the show and choose something that hasn’t been too highly praised. If you claim to have stopped watching The Walking Dead because it was too predictable, you’ll be found out for the faker you are. But if you say you stopped because it was too gory – bingo – you have a valid excuse.




‘I haven’t reached that series yet.’


This is a great excuse if you’d like to remain friends with whoever you’re speaking to. If you tell them you’re only at season two, hopefully the other person will be so far ahead, they won’t actually remember what happens back then. Try mixing this with some vague statement about Breaking Bad’s Walter having trouble mixing his drug and you’ll be fine.


Seriously though, being at uni can be pretty nerve-wracking. So relax, be yourself and friends will flock to you. One thing you don’t need to worry about though is your digs. If you fancy checking in to modern, high quality student housing in Lancaster , contact us today and our dedicated staff will be happy to help you out.

Posted on October 3rd, 2014