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Hobbies can be the perfect relief from student life – they’re not just fun, but something we need to keep ourselves sane from the mounting coursework and impending exams. From sport to gaming, there is a hobby for everyone. But, one of the most beloved hobbies is that of reading. Whatever your interests, there is a book that will capture your interests and transport you to your happy place. Fact.

You could travel to the other end of the world for your epic escape, or you could sit on your couch and walk to Mordor in the time it takes for your dinner to be ready. But, a wide variety of travel destinations is not the only benefits a book holds.

Why is reading such a beloved past time and what benefits can you find between the pages of your next book?

1 – Mind Pilates

A sharp mind is a useful mind. You know how to exercise your body, no matter how unwilling you may be to do so, but keeping your mind fit is a bit more of an abstract concept. Unless you can move things with your mind (and probably enjoy Eggos) you won’t be able to get your brain to do much in the way of weightlifting at the gym.

Luckily, reading is the perfect way to stretch your mind. It helps you to concentrate, challenges your world view and stretches the limits of your imagination. The perfect exercise for your brain and something you should do on a daily basis!


2 – Learn to Write

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” – Stephen King.

Reading and writing go hand in hand; to become a good writer you need to read. It doesn’t have to necessarily mean you read a lot, rather that you read more frequently. Ten pages a day before bed, at a minimum, can fly by and you may be surprised by how much you do manage to read. Exposing yourself to different styles, authors and genres will help to develop your writing skills as you absorb what you read.

Writing is a skill, but reading hones this skill in many different ways; it widens your vocabulary, deepens your knowledge, exposes you to a variety of voices, helps to structure your academic writing.


3 – Portable Entertainment

A book can fit into almost any bag. Better yet, an e-reader can sometimes even fit into your pocket. You can read on the bus, before a lecture or carry all of your textbooks in one, small, convenient place as you attend seminars. The best escape is one that can happen anywhere.


4 – Inspiration

Sometimes, life feels a little lacklustre. Your essay refuses to write itself, the sun refuses to shine and you yearn for something more. A book has the power to inspire you in the depths of your most serious slump. Take a trip to Hogwarts, converse with the long dead King Richard the Lionheart or uncover the murderer on the mean streets of New York. There is an adventure in every book, so go out and find it!

Martian Book

5 – Educational

Of course, one of the best reasons that books make an epic escape is that you can learn a thing or two along the way. Perhaps it is an actual fact out of your course textbook, or something you never knew about yourself thanks to the way you reacted to a particular story. Either way, there is much more to be found on your bookshelf than you may suspect.


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Posted on February 21st, 2017