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Living in student digs means you’re definitely-definitely going to be co-habiting with an eclectic bunch of others. Even if you’re all mates, sharing accommodation, your tastes are still going to be a little different, right? So when someone casually mentions having a Christmas movie night – and they will! – you’re going to get a massive war between various tribes fighting for their favourite to be on the list. So who’s got what this year? Only one way to find out…


Love, Actually

Sure, it’s a saccharine travesty but some people actually enjoy Love, Actually – written by Richard Curtis after Blackadder ended and he tragically lost his sense of humour in a freak gardening accident. For some, this film truly captures the magic of Christmas. These people are sentimentalists and idealists and absolutely wrong. But hey, it’s Christmas, which is all about sharing. Apparently.


Die Hard

Die Hard – also known as Bruce Willis’ finest big-screen outing – is often found on lists of the best Christmas films. And sure, we know it’s a total fudge since Christmas makes up precisely 0.0000037% of the actual movie, but hey, if you’re living with guys and gals who dig on a bit of action, this is sure to please ‘em. At least it won’t be a total schmaltz-fest. ‘Cause who wants ‘emotions’ and ‘feelings’ when you’ve got Bruce Willis with a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho.


The Star Wars Holiday Special

No. Oh, God, no. Just… No. If one of your flat-mates even sarcastically suggests watching The Star Wars Holiday Special, stuff a stocking in their mouth and hang them from the Christmas tree by their hair.



These days it’s cool to not care, right? So what better way to see in the festive season by checking out Gremlins. A stone-cold Christmas classic without any of the usual sentimental business – well, just enough for a Hollywood film, at least. Excellent effects, fun story, memorably mad characters, and probably the saddest Christmas story you’re ever likely to hear. This should please most people in the flat – except the one girl whose dad used to dress up as Santa Claus…


It’s a Wonderful Life

For some, Christmas is all about tradition. When they’re playing Monopoly they’re always the top hat; they always buy Harvey’s Bristol Cream for their mum every year; they always put the star on the top of the tree; and they always watch Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life. So you’ll have no choice but to sit down and watch this black-and-white classic in which a depressed jimmy Stewart is a shown a world in which he didn’t exist. Turns out everyone means something to someone. Aww.


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Posted on December 15th, 2014