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Hey first years, congrats – you’ve survived 3 months! Later year students – we’re guessing you know this end-of-first-term dilemma all too well…

The end of your first term back at university always seems to come round too quickly, demanding that you exit the hazy student life of Basic’s Vodka and UV parties you have so fondly discovered, and return home to a house of rules, low percentage wine and a little bit too much Christmas cheer.

Although, as a student, this part of term isn’t always the most festive and enjoyable! From deadlines and end-of-student-loans to buying secret Santa’s for a flatmate you now hate over an argument about the heating – Cheer up! Here’s our little guide to helping you embrace the festive cheer and ditch those end-of-term depression feelings ‘til next year… at least!

December Deadlines… And January Deadlines

Nothing sucks quite as much as anticipating the Christmas spirit along with a cheeky end-of-term deadline, or two! While you should be enjoying the season, decorating the tree and scoffing ‘pigs in blankets’, you’re stuck in the library listening to something heavy, emotional and as unlike Mariah Carey as you can possibly get!

The answer?

So you met your December deadline (just!) and now you’ve got a 5,000 word essay looming over your head for the first week back… But, let’s face it – You’ll procrastinate until your back at uni anyway, and even then you’ll find every little excuse to log into Facebook, so just enjoy Christmas! (Because you’re definitely not going to do your work until the last-minute at this time of year anyway!)

Going Home to A House of Rules

At uni, you can live young, live free and live however you wish… until you return home! While going back means a fully-stocked fridge and a bill-free existence (for a while!) – it also comes with a lovely set of rules you have got pretty used to living without, and a lovely set of rules that are further enforced when family members you’ve never met before come round to visit!

The answer?

Although these rules may seem a little unreasonable, the way you and your one-man wolf pack have been living since September probably isn’t great. So go on, let mum and dad look after you like you’re 12 again! It’s only for a week or so, and you may even get that awesome Christmas present you’ve been hinting at all year, eh?

The Student vs. Family Festivities

When it comes to Christmas cheer, there’s always that one flatmate who will attempt to lift up the depressing winter spirits of a student house at Christmas. Like a budget-Santa, they’ll return home from Wilko’s with a sack full of cheap tinsel and discount baubles – and by the time they’ve finished, the house will look even more depressing than it did before. The best bit is when you’re expected to financially contribute to the festive-tat that is strewn from every lampshade, windowsill and banister. Ah, festive spirit!

The answer?

Enjoy going home for Christmas! Enjoy the beautiful decorations, the tasty food, the warm and cosy living room and of course, Sky television! See your mates, go down your local and embrace your old life. Christmas only comes once a year so get involved! And focus on the uni work when you get back! (Ssshh, we didn’t say that last bit!)

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Posted on December 16th, 2014