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Alright, so this blog may be a little out-there compared to our usual afternoon-reading material, but if you’re anything like us –you’ll know that no Christmas is complete without a good old Christmas sarnie, or two!

When facing that hung-over walk home from last night’s party, there’s no better glisten of Christmas cheer than spotting that turkey-goodness on the shelf; packed full of stuffing, cranberry and all the trimmings in a beautiful bed of carbohydrate heaven. We’re looking at you, Greggs! But, as any sandwich connoisseur will know – there’s nothing more heartbreaking than a bite into tasteless turkey and dried-up stuffing disappointment.

So, as a little ‘From CityBlock To You’, we’ve put together 4 of the best festive feasts that promise to make the run up to the jingle-season a little more bearable! *Disclaimer: Vegetarians look away now, there’s a whole lot of festive meat on its way.

The Christmas Triple – Sainsburys

If you’re the indecisive type, the Sainsbury’s Christmas Triple is sure to be the festive-filling you’re looking for! Sure, it ain’t your Nan’s cooking, but if you’re on lunch and feeling a little ‘I’m-hungry-and-I-want-something-Christmassy’ – it’s perfect! A calorie-tastic salmon, cheese and turkey feast in one very festive box. Nice.

Turkey Feast – With Turkey, Bacon & Cranberry Sauce – Boots

Call me Scrooge, but when it comes to a festive sandwich, hold back on the Cranberry sauce a little! There’s nothing worse than soggy bread and too much cranners, so if you like more filling than sauce on your sarnie – behold, the sandwich for you! They’re pretty easy-going on the berry front, so you’ve got a juicy-ish sandwich with some other flavours you can actually taste. It’s in the meal deal too, so if you’re looking for a cheap but filling dins – Boot’s will sort you out!

The Festive Bake – Greggs

Oh come on! We know it’s not a sandwich, but what gets you more in the festive spirit than this little guy? Greggs hit jackpot when they made this little pastry devil, and we anticipate its return from at least August every year! Priced at only £1-something, it’s the epitome of Christmas, without having to spend a fortune. Yes! Tip: Order one when they’ve just come out of the oven. Mmm, warm festive bake goodness.

*Drumroll* and the winner is…

The Boxing Day Leftover Creation – Do It Yourself

Sure, the supermarket sandwiches are alright for those busy lunch breaks to get you through the working week, but when it comes to the real king of festive sandwiches – we all know that nothing quite beats your own ‘pile everything left over from Christmas on two slices of bread’ culinary creation. Utilise your leftovers in the best way and create what a real festive sandwich should taste like! You’ll love it – but if you’re struggling for inspiration – check out Nigel Slater’s tasty Boxing Day recipe!

So, that should be enough festive advice to keep you going ‘til New Year, and after that – you’ll be back at uni with enough Tupperware dishes full of mum’s cooking in the freezer to last you ‘til summer! Here at CityBlock, we are proud to be one of the leading providers of quality, modern and affordable student accommodation in Lancaster. We’re currently taking bookings for 2015, so for more information, or to speak to one of our friendly team – get in contact with us on 01524 541 251 today!

Posted on December 18th, 2014