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It’s official: the summer break is very nearly upon us.

Images of long stretched out summer days tend to flood the mind around this time of year, and with exam period almost over, in a matter of weeks all of the hard work that you have been pushing into your studies will be finally over.


At this point, plans for summer will begin to come into fruition.

You may be returning home to spend some time with your family and friends. You may be staying at your university town to experience the city as a true local.

However, some of us won’t have considered the potential of what exactly we can get up to in the months to come.

Whether it’s your first summer break from university or your last, here at CityBlock we’ve pooled together some exciting ideas that will guarantee that you have the ultimate summer break.

How to Make the Most of Your Summer

First things first, deciding exactly how to make the most of the glorious commitment-free days that lie ahead is of pivotal importance. Although we all dream of walking out of an exam and straight onto a plane, in some cases it may be best to use your precious time off developing your skills and experience, or even simply earning money, ready for the next academic year.


Depending on what you are studying, sometimes gaining valuable work experience during your free time can propel you to the top of the recruitment list on completion of university.

Almost every single graduate job requires some form of experience in the sector that you are hoping to crack, meaning that your valuable time off may be better spent working and metaphorically ‘getting your foot in the door’.


Although the ideal situation is gaining some form of paid employment for the summer, sometimes this is not always possible. Try contacting local agencies to offer your services free of charge – as you are contributing to their business for free, you can agree on terms that will suit your life and schedule.


If unpaid work experience isn’t feasible, then you will be wanting to source an internship for the summer.

An internship is the same as work experience yet for a pre-arranged amount of time, with contracted hours and an agreed wage. As is understandable, sourcing and securing a summer internship can be extremely difficult, due to the rarity that the opportunities become available and the number of students who are vying for the same role!


Take a look at government-funded websites such as Prospects; they regularly advertise summer internship positions and offer tips and advice on how to secure them.

Life Experience

If working for the summer doesn’t seem like your kind of thing, then jumping on a plane and taking advantage of your free time may be the perfect alternative.

For a cheap mode of travel that allows you to visit several European countries during the same trip, Interrailing has become a right of passage for the cost-conscious student.


Spend a day navigating the stunning canals of Venice, island hopping in Croatia or relax in the blue lagoons of Iceland – whatever is on your itinerary, you can be certain that you will be making memories for life.

Use Your Time Wisely

Whatever you decide to do with your summer, ensure that you use it wisely. Being a student can often be taken for granted, and after three short years of studying we are thrust into the real world.

You may never have the same amount of time off again, so make sure that whatever you do, you are living your best life whilst doing it.


And when you return from university, CityBlock is here to welcome you back to student life! For all things student accommodation in  Lancaster or Reading, contact us today.

Posted on June 18th, 2018