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The countdown to Christmas is officially on! For some, this is the culmination of weeks and even months of careful planning. Presents are already wrapped, the turkey is ordered and the tree is on standby to be put up as soon as the first of December dawns. However, others are not so organised. Or, more precisely, they’re living off a student budget and wondering where on earth they will conjure up enough money for a merry holiday this year.

Recognise this as yourself? Never fear, there is a way to make sure your loved ones feel appreciated this Christmas on a student budget! No, seriously.

Sales Are Your Friends

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The shops aren’t oblivious to your lighter-than-you’d-like wallet/purse/pocket. Christmas is often a time when shops are overflowing with sales. Some of them are amazing, bargains galore, and you should be taking advantage immediately. Some of them… not so much.

It’s important to watch out for deals that seem great but are actually wasting your precious gift money. Watch out for bundles of items that are being marketed specifically as Christmas gifts. Bundles of toiletries might seem like a thoughtful gift, but in reality you might find that if you bought all those items separately that they would actually turn out cheaper. Make sure you stay savvy whilst you shop, practice your mental maths and make sure you’re actually getting a good deal.

Check out clothes shops to see if any are still trying to flog their unsold summer stock. Do you have a relative that has an exciting, upcoming summer holiday already booked? Then why not dig through the sales and find them something chic to to wear? A new floppy hat, stylish sunglasses or a jazzy beach bag are all great choices for someone who won’t stop talking about their upcoming summer getaway, and they will be dirt cheap, too.

So, take advantage of sales to get gifts that would usually be out of your budget. But don’t waste money in the process!

 Small, But Many

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Okay, so this technique might be a little crafty. But exchanging quality for quantity may be your saving grace this Christmas. Lots of small gifts, such as chocolates, books, bath bombs, key-rings, baubles and other sparkling trinkets can be amazing stocking fillers. Also, it helps to avoid the disappointment people often feel over having nothing to open from you!

Card shops and places such as TK Max will be overflowing with cheap, festive boxes. Pile your small gifts into an appropriately sized box, throw in some shredded tissue paper and voilà! A wonderfully thoughtful box of gifts that the recipient will be thrilled with, regardless of how much was spent on the contents.

Often people don’t much care about the gift itself, rather, it’s about knowing that you care for them and have been thinking about their happiness this holiday season. Will they care that all you got them was bath soap when they don’t even have a bath in their home? No, they will be touched that you cared in the first place!

 Home-baked Tasty Treats

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Fancy yourself a baker? Why not put those baking skills to use and whip up some festive treats that everyone will love! Personalised biscuits make a great present; do you have a friend who loves cats? Rustle up some feline shaped biscuits, put them in a decorative box, tie it all up with a bow and boom! You have yourself a thoughtful gift for minimal cost but with loving effort.

Home-made gifts get extra brownie points (brownies would also make a great gift!) for thoughtfulness. People love to feel like they’ve had time and effort spent on them more than they care about how much money was spent. What says time and effort more than delicious treats made with the recipient in mind? Skip the shop bought things this year and get into the kitchen on Christmas Eve to prepare your gifts – but don’t forget to factor in the time it takes and when to get the ingredients.



What is the greatest possible gift you could give someone this Christmas? Obviously, it’s the gift of time well spent with those you love this Christmas.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the comings and goings of the season. Going home from University gives you the chance to visit friends you haven’t seen in months, walk your hometown haunts and enjoy a break from the stresses of University life.

Even if you’ve had a blast being away from home, take the time to visit your folks for plenty of time over the holidays, even if you have accommodation that extends right over the Christmas period. If you haven’t been home in months (even if they don’t say it) your family has missed you. Time costs nothing – but it can be the best gift you give all year!

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Here at CityBlock we are excited for the holiday season to get into full swing already! Looking for accommodation that will spark your holiday cheer? Then book a room with us! Make sure to get in touch to make sure you have a great room next Christmas!

Posted on October 22nd, 2018