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Yesterday was Social Media Day, as you may have been aware if… you, well… use social media. As providers of quality student accommodation in Lancaster,  as well as Durham and Reading, we understand that whilst our student dwellings may well house scholars in the pursuit of a higher education, we also know that these intense scholarly pursuits are occasionally interrupted with the briefest of spells on YouTube.

To celebrate Social Media Day we thought we’d have a look back at a selection of our favourite viral videos that have done the odd lap around the social media circuit, and tip our e-hats to some of the most famous faces on the interweb.

Grape Stomp Lady

As much a contemporary classic as Tracey Emin’s bed, Grape Stomp Lady should be shown to children in reception class as a lesson as to why cheaters never prosper. Much like every YouTube video that’s ever stolen one of your laughs, this leaves you feeling a hefty cocktail of both pity and guilt… but it’s worth it.

Can She Be That Stupid?

Ever answered a question stupidly in a pub quiz to the delight and night-long derision from your mates? Well, show them this. Not one of the more famous viral videos, but with nearly 23 million rubberneckers, it’s definitely had its fair share of sharing. Seriously though, can she be that stupid?

Buckingham Palace Guard Slips and Falls

There’s something about people in perceived authority making a bit of a fool of themselves, isn’t there? This viral vidette from earlier this year has had over 3 million views, and is made worse by the fact that he had to stand in his shame for such a long time afterwards.

Girl Scout Cookie Fail

Girl Scout Cookie Fail is another example of a video where you feel like you know better and shouldn’t find it funny… but, well… I mean, come on. That sound…

We could write an inappropriately comprehensive blog on our favourite funny videos over the years, but we have work to do and intense sun and heat to ignore and pretend isn’t happening outside. However, if you’re looking for a place to escape the heat in one of our quality student accommodations, it’s not too late to book. You can book online to stay with City Block this summer with the mere wave of a mouse click, or alternatively make an enquiry or arrange a booking on our fancy-posh website.

Happy viewing!

Posted on July 1st, 2015