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D-Day; dissertation deadline day. It’s scary to say the least and finding the motivation can be challenging. However, don’t worry, as you are not alone. Every student has this deadline hovering over them like a grey cloud, you just need a little bit of #dissertationmotivation.

When is yours due? Is it soon? Have you forgotten what sunlight is after spending too much time in the library? Are you living on Meal Deals? Is coffee your new best friend?

Students at Reading City Block making use of the Study Space for their Dissertation
Students at Reading City Block making use of the handy study space for their dissertation deadline!

Here at CityBlock, we care about all students, and we want to help you as much as we can to get through this stressful time. That’s why we have some top tips to help you get through this time. No, we can’t research, write it, and bind it for you, but we can suggest a few helpful things and let you in on a few secrets that postgraduates wish they knew when they were in your shoes!

You are nearly there (or maybe you’ve already handed it in. In that case, congratulations!), so here are a few tips to get you over the last hurdle.

It’s Okay to Have a Break!

Up to now, your stresses probably seem like nothing compared to the #dissertationaggravation you are currently having. First things first, as a tip, it’s okay to have a break. When you feel like your brain is suddenly empty, don’t force yourself (unless your hand-in date is tomorrow).

You may find yourself being more productive if you step away from the laptop. Go for a walk around the block, watch one Netflix episode (yes, just one). Just have a minute. When you get back to your work you will find yourself raring to go. Oh, and don’t forget about sleep; your productivity levels need more than 40 winks.

A 5-minute break to watch Kitten Academy Live Stream could do the trick. Just click here.


The Right Man for The Job

Getting the right dissertation supervisor/mentor can be the difference between getting the perfect help and not wanting to even ask. No matter how far in your dissertation you are, make sure you are getting the right advice; request to swap to someone else if you don’t feel like you have the ideal mentor. The university shouldn’t have an issue; and even if you go and ask another tutor, they will be more than glad to assist.



From One Student to Another:

Anonymous: It’s nerve wracking and, most of all, draining. But pleaseeeeee just know, that all the work you are putting in, those late-night work sessions WILL PAY OFF! Just be consistent & discipline yourself to a certain amount of words per day if you need to.


Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Help is key, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed with everything. Your friends, family and university tutors will be more than happy to help with whatever questions you may have; anything from needing to leave early on a Friday (for dissertation purposes of course, not the pub!) to needing them to read over a paragraph you are unsure of – be sure to ask! Don’t forget that your university will also have plenty of resources online and in the library, so be sure to utilise these. The student union isn’t just great for events either – they will be more than welcome to have a chat if you’re feeling worried.


From One Student to Another:

Smiles: You are not alone in this; if it gets too much, remember your support system: family, friends, partner, even your supervisor. You don’t have to struggle in silence. I wish you all the best of luck in your dissertations and that you all receive the grade you deserve 

Plan Your Time Effectively

Time is everything when it comes to finishing off your dissertation. Know how many words you need to write in a typing session and separate your writing and researching time. By now, you should be finishing off your first draft and having final meetings to have your tutor read over it. Don’t forget to get feedback from everyone – your mum may love a read of your dissertation!

There are plenty of online resources such as this one, which will help you on your way! You could make your own version of this or even just write down your time goals.

You will probably hate Gantt charts by now, but they may just save you in the last hurdle!


From One Student to Another:

GenialGermanGent: It’s helpful to make a masterplan. Define what you’ll work on per week (intro, lit review, interviews, etc.) and then break it down further. Leave time for final review and friends/co-students to have a read.

Know Yourself

Do you regularly find yourself on a Friday night out with your friends straight from lecture? Maybe you are a gym-goer and spend your time pumping iron and drinking protein shakes? We are sorry to tell you but, at this time, at the last bit of your dissertation, you will benefit from stepping away from the treadmill (or the Friday-night pints…). It will be worth it in the end and, when you can get back to the pub or the gym, you will feel very proud of yourself. Resist – you can do it!


Get Excited

Your dissertation will be what makes your final grade and will hopefully help you to get that dream job. You should be researching and writing something which you have some interest in.

Get excited about it; you are nearly there and you’ve worked so hard to get here. There’s no reason to give up now. In fact, you should be more excited than ever now. Just think of all the doors this dissertation could open for you if you smash it! Your dream job, a competitive salary, and plenty of experience in whatever industry. Not to mention the addition of that degree to your CV!


Something to Spur You On

Ever wanted to travel in India for a month? Maybe an all-inclusive week in Magaluf is what you and your friends need after all the hard work and studying. What better time to get something booked to look forward to? If this doesn’t motivate you to smash your dissertation out, we don’t know what will! You could write a thousand words then reward yourself by packing one item of clothing! Just imagine yourself now… first-class degree on the way, sunbathing, Sangria in hand on a beach…… It’s just a couple more thousand words away.


From One Student to Another:

Leax: The feeling of handing over my bound dissertation and walking out empty handed was literally the highlight of my year, I immediately felt the weight off my shoulders. Just hold on to that feeling to power through on these last few days.

City Block are rooting for you! We believe in you and we know you believe in yourself.

Of all the places to knuckle down and get on with your dissertation, we like to think our stunning student accommodation in Lancaster and Reading  is a sanctuary.

Students using the relaxing and handy study space at Reading City Block

You won’t even want to go out, because your PJs, a coffee and your laptop is all you need. You have everything you need in one space with our student accommodation.

You’ll be done before you know it and celebrating on a beach somewhere. Good Luck! You can do it!

Posted on April 30th, 2018