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Ok, so you’re at uni – that’s cool, but it can’t all be about learning Marxist theory or burying your head in the set texts, right? Sometimes you’ll want to broaden your horizons independently too. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps on the market that’ll teach you more than what’s on the ol’ uni curriculum.



Salut. Ciao. Guten tag. Fancy learning a new language? Then have DuoLingo will steer you right. The best part about DuoLingo – which is available as an app on all mobile platforms, as well as on your desktop – is that it treats the whole process as a game. And one that makes learning fun!



It’s the year of coding. Besides all those awesome coding parties you’ve undoubtedly been attending, you’ll probably want to be learning a little coding yourself. With TouchDevelop from Microsoft Research you can create tons of apps on your phone or computer. If you make the next Facebook, though, do remember us.


Pocket First Aid and CPR

Developed by the American Heart Association, this app will give you the lowdown on, y’know, saving someone’s life (which makes you as cool as Superman). From the correct way to perform CPR, to other first aid know-how, the Pocket First Aid and CPR app has it all. Available for iPhone and Android for £1.49.



Your mate Ted from Telford may think he knows everything, but the TED app has got even him beat. Science, health, pop culture – there’s no topic speakers for TED don’t have a handle on. Get the app for the latest news, the thoughts of innovative visionaries and general genius.

…Sometimes, uh, the word… you know what I mean, that word, it… Just… Escape! That was it. The word escape just escapes you. Download the app, though, and you’ll have all those beautiful words, and their synonyms, at your fingertips. Perfect for when the, uh… Yeah, that.



Coursera, available on iPhone and Android, is essentially an online university, without the student fees. The classes cover a whole breadth of topics, and features videos and lessons from big-shot professors from Oxford, Harvard and Yale, so you can be sure you’re getting the finest education without ever moving from the couch.


Getting a little learning under your belt is never a bad thing, even if you’re already settled at university, or heading there in September. Here’s another fact you might not know, here at CityBlock we specialise in awesome student accommodation in  Lancaster. For more info, simply contact us 01524 541 251 and our team will be delighted to assist with your enquiries. Ok, class dismissed!

Posted on March 17th, 2015