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So, right about now we’re guessing your sat at your computer, stressing about which universities to apply to, and how to make yourself sound totally awesome via your UCAS statement, huh?

This time of your life can be stressful, and you’ll change your mind and re-write your application a hundred more times before you decide it’s perfect. But don’t worry! When it comes to choosing your student accommodation, CityBlock can help you make a stress-free decision!

Here are a few reasons why we believe we’re the top student living option for Lancaster university students!

What are the rooms like?


CityBlock 1, Lancaster

Here at CityBlock, we believe that student living should be modern, en-suite, all-inclusive and city-central. We offer a wide range of room types to suit all individuals and students. So whether you’re a mature student who fancies the studio-living option or a group of friends attending the same uni and want to live together, our team are highly trained and dedicated to making your uni years the best they can be, and will match the ideal room, flat or studio to suit you!


Our range of contemporary room types offer a choice of student accommodation in Lancaster to suit your living requirements. As well as our studio flats, our accommodation options house from 6 – 20 individuals – perfect for those moving to a new city! Our team will pair you up with flatmates that are suited to your likes and dislikes, and if you’re moving with mates we cater for larger groups, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

4CityBlock 3, Lancaster

What can CityBlock do for me?

The first few months of university can be a strange time for any moving-away-from-home-first-timer, so don’t worry about feeling a little homesick, it’s normal! Unlike our competitors, who are focusing more and more upon ‘studio’ living accommodation options only, we’re proud to continue to cater for all individuals and believe that socialising is the key to finding and settling into your new little university family.

Our studio flats are ideal for overseas or mature students who wish to live alone, yet enjoy the benefits of CityBlock student living! Our other room types come equipped with fully-furnished kitchen and spacious, comfy communal areas which are the perfect place to make new friends, socialise, throw parties and host dinner parties with your new neighbours!

Anything else?

6CityBlock 2 communal area, Lancaster

We offer a cleaning service twice a week so you can sit back and enjoy your lovely clean home, and focus on your studies (and your social life!), as well as saving a few pennies by using our free printing service! Click here to check out the other extras that come with being a CityBlocker!


Here at CityBlock, we understand the importance of your student years, for both socialising and academic purposes. We’re dedicated to providing you with a happy home throughout your studies, so for more information or to make a booking for 2015 – please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful team on 01524 541251 today! Good luck with your UCAS apps, folks!

Posted on October 29th, 2014