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Whether you are in your last term of A-Levels or looking forward to the summer as a current university student, it is never too early to prepare for September. For many, it could be the first time they will experience their own independence, and for others, it could be the start of a critical year. Even if neither of these categories fits you, but you see September at uni coming, this blog is the perfect read to help prepare for next year.

Practice Your Culinary Abilities

Starting University and moving into student accommodation in Lancaster could be the first time many students will be responsible for their own cooking. Often it can feel overwhelming and easier to stock up on microwave meals. While these are always useful, they do not provide the substance or the nutrition to maintain a well-balanced diet. Knowing how to cook some basic meals will help keep the takeaway bills under control and ensure you feed your body with the vitamins and nutrients you need for stamina and concentration to keep up with your studies. Speak to family members or check out some great recipes online to help get inspired. Even if you are a returning student to University, it is never too late to experiment and come up with some fresh new ideas.

Practice Budgeting and Get a Summer Job

Becoming independent will mean learning how to budget your income and outgoings. Getting into the habit of doing this before coming to University will feel much less complicated than once you arrive. Sit down with the bill payers at home; they may suggest some helpful tips and tricks they have come across along their many years of experience. If you have no income at the time, budget ahead of starting term to get you into the swing of things. A seasonal part-time job can also help you understand budgeting and is an excellent way to earn extra income to enjoy the rest of your summer. It also looks great on a CV later in life.

You may have already been budgeting, but it is never too late to nip and tuck those skills by re-assessing and even looking where you can afford to cut back. Being experienced in those welcome-to-Uni events from last year, we don’t need to tell you that it always helps to set aside some extra money.

Get ahead of your studying

You may not have received your complete list of supplies for classes yet. However, it never hurts to get one step ahead of the game once you do. Spend some time going through the material to familiarise yourself with what you will be learning that year.

Even if this isn’t your first year, and you are already familiar with what you are learning, taking some time to go through all of the texts will ensure that doing your assignments isn’t the first time you see the texts.

Get to know the local area

Moving to a new area can be very exciting. New surroundings, new experiences and new people. Getting familiar with the local area can be a great asset to starting your new term in September. Find somewhere you can study if the weather is nice and you would prefer to be outside, or experience the unique dining establishments within Lancaster to find one that has a dish you particularly enjoy for that post-study session pick-me-up. Already familiar with the area? There is bound to be somewhere you have not yet explored. Take a look at local guides online to help find new ventures for those free days to relax and take a well-deserved break from coursework and assignments.

Start Packing and Organising

Getting started with your packing can never be done too early! Starting early can help spread the costs and ensure you get everything you need for the big move day. Even if you are just picking up a few toiletries or packing the winter coats, you won’t need them for Summer. Every little job you do now can ease the stress of last-minute shopping and struggling to find the exact items you may need.

Spend Time With Friends and Family

It could be a few weeks before you may see your family once you have started University. Your friends from home may be off on their own adventures come September. Make sure you spend some quality time with them whilst you can, because once classes start, you may not have time for that weekly facetime you promise to stick to.

Mentally Prepare

Starting University or returning can be a significant change for you. Whilst being an A-Level student can feel independent, nothing quite prepares you for moving away from home for the first time. Getting yourself mentally prepared for University can help the transition of becoming a free adult. A-level work is very different to the tasks you may do at University, so you may need to re-address your study techniques to suit. Prepare in advance by looking online for similar work you may be studying online. There are also many blogs from students to pass on their first-hand experience of being a student. Have a browse during your spare time to find one you can relate to.

Returning to University can also feel a bit worrying. Maybe you struggled with your assignments last year, or perhaps you studied too hard and missed out on the many exciting social events provided on campus or throughout the town. Take some time to think back to the previous year and figure out where you possibly struggled, and think about how you can make that easier for the upcoming term.

Suppose you are looking in advance for your housing needs. Whether you are starting University for the first time or returning for a consecutive year, early preparation can help alleviate the stress and make the first term the best one yet. We can offer student accommodation in Durham and Lancaster. If you are studying a bit further afield, we even provide student accommodation in Reading, so contact us today to see if we can tick one job off the list for starting in September.

Posted on April 8th, 2022