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Whether you’ve just started university or you’re in your final year, the temptation to spend all your money will be everywhere you turn. Whilst it might seem like a good idea to blow all your money in the first few weeks, it’s something that you will later regret when you realise you have months left until your next instalment.  Soon you’ll find yourself missing out on fun things because you don’t even have a pound to your name!

To avoid this happening, we have put together a few tips to help you manage your finance and avoid spending it all before October is even over.

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Don’t Join Every Club & Society

Whilst it might be tempting to sign up to every club or society that sounds even a little interesting to you, it’s important that you’re a lot more selective. Often, these clubs will come with join up fees and annual membership costs, which will add up as the year goes on.

You should take some time and work out which ones you’re actually interested in. Which ones will you attend each week? Do you have time for this and that? Don’t be pressured into saying yes straight away, you can leave it until the deadline.

Buy a Student Discount Card

Don’t be put off by the fact that a NUS card will cost you around £12 – you’ll save a lot more than this within the first month. A lot of students rely on their library cards as proof of student ID but this often isn’t accepted in a lot of places – especially online.

You should sign up to websites such as studentbeans and UNiDAYS for even more discount codes. You’ll save a lot on clothing, food and drink in certain places.

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Look For a Part Time Job

Working might not sound like fun but do you know what else isn’t fun? Having no money whilst your friends are off on nights out and attending events. You might feel rich when your first student loan hits your bank account but it won’t last long.

Look for a part time job that works around your university hours and doesn’t affect your studying. Most retail shops are good with students – offering them flexible hours and weekend shifts.

Go Cheap With Food Shopping

Don’t be tempted to just do your shopping at the nearest supermarket. You will be better searching for the cheaper supermarket or the one that offers the better deals. You can usually look this up online or ask around and see where other people have been shopping.

You should also aim to buy non-branded stuff as they often taste exactly the same but come at a much cheaper price. Try a few things and see if you can taste the difference.

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Posted on October 1st, 2015