New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep | CityBlock

Ok, so 2015 is here – still no sign of flying cars and Hoverboards, but they’ll come, right? We’ve been promised them in all those sci-fi films, and since when have movies ever lied? Chances are, by this late stage  in the year you’ve given up on all those totally commendable but unrealistic resolutions. So how about lowering your ambitions just a tad and trying these resolutions instead, like…


Watch That Film You Always Meant To


There are some films that everyone else, it seems, has seen. And once they’ve seen it, they won’t stop banging on about how you just have to see it – or else all the raccoons in the rainforest will perish. Or something. This year, just take the plunge. Watch that film, it’ll probably be on Netflix anyway. And hey, you might actually enjoy it.


Sleep In


Early mornings are for the birds – literally. So why not just set those alarms a little later, and enjoy the cosiness of your bed for longer? Hey, it’s winter, it’s freezing outside, and the mornings are blacker now than they are on the dark side of moon. Might as well stay under the duvet.


Order Takeaway Once a Week


Cooking can be a serious chore. Especially when you’ve just written a 2000-word essay or read through the entire collection of Bronte novels. So treat yourself to a takeaway – you deserve it. Crack open the laptop, or download an app, and you can do it without ever having to shift position from the couch. Or talk to anyone. Bonus!


Buy Your Buddy a Drink


Want to be sociable? Just go right ahead and take your best-mate out to the pub. All year round they put up with all your incomprehensible superstitions like touching red whenever you see a Royal mail van, so treat them to the drink of their choice. Coke, Kopparberg, Champagne, it’s their call. That’s what friends are for – and they may buy you one right back too.


Waste Time on Youtube


Let’s face it, we’re all gonna do this one anyway, right? So might as well make it official and call it a New Year’s resolution. In between all of your studies, you need some you-time – and what better way than with Youtube? Whether it’s a Nostalgia Critic marathon or watching hours of videos of cats doing cat thing in a catty way, it’s perfect for unwinding after a long day at class.


Ditch New Year’s Resolutions


Man, aren’t you sick of all those failed resolutions, the ones that are just too hard to keep? This year, make your New Year’s resolution a promise to yourself not have any New Year’s Resolutions. If you want to call your mum every week, or quit the smokes, or study more you can – and you don’t need 2015 to be the excuse to do it!


Ready for the New Year? What do you plan to do to make 2015 seriously special? Here at CityBlock we’ve resolved to make this year the best ever for our residents. If you’re looking for awesome student accommodation in Lancaster, then we’ve totally got you covered. For more information, just get in touch by 01524 541 251 or email and our team will be delighted to assist you.

Posted on January 19th, 2015