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As 2023 draws closer to an end, it’s time to think about where you’ll be calling home for the next academic year, which is exactly where CityBlock comes in. Our award-winning ensuite student accommodation across Lancaster and Reading has been carefully designed with you, the student, in mind. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, service, and community, striving to provide a comfortable, modern living experience where you can thrive. With that in mind, we have many of our residents re-book their CityBlock room for the following year and bring their friends along with them, and it’s easy to understand why!

So, here, we’re providing a guide on re-booking your CityBlock accommodation with a friend and exploring the benefits of booking together. Dive in to discover how you and your study buddy can make CityBlock your home away from home next year.

Benefits of Re-booking CityBlock Accommodation

Continuity is a powerful force, especially in student accommodation. By re-booking the same CityBlock student accommodation in Lancaster or Reading, you bypass the stress and uncertainty of moving to a new place. Having time and familiarity on your side, you’ll be better able to focus on what truly matters – your studies. We also offer summer storage for our re-booking residents, which means there’s no need to move any belongings out of your room. You can just leave everything ready for your return – easy!

CityBlock is not just about locations; it’s about community, quality, and exceptional service. When you choose to extend your stay with us, you’re choosing comfort, security, and a community that sparks creativity. Our accommodations are designed to cater to your lifestyle needs, from spacious communal areas to state-of-the-art laundry facilities. With every additional year with us, you’ll find more reasons to appreciate the comforts of CityBlock. Time saved, cost benefits, and familiarity with your environment make re-booking an appealing choice, and bringing a friend or two into the mix just adds to it.

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Why Re-Book With a Friend?

Sharing your CityBlock accommodation experience with a friend will enhance your student life tremendously; let’s take a look at how:

  • Household chores division. Sharing responsibilities of cleaning and maintaining your living space becomes easier when you have a friend to divide tasks.
  • Improved mental health. Living with a friend can lead to a more positive and supportive living environment, which contributes to better mental well-being during your university years.
  • Someone to have fun with! Your day-to-day university life becomes more enjoyable when shared. Re-booking your accommodation with a friend means you have a familiar face to have fun with, whether that be baking cakes, partying, or just watching TV.

At CityBlock, we have various room types, such as ensuite rooms and studios, designed to promote a communal living experience where friendships grow. Therefore, bringing a friend along to book their own room within your block ensures both of you step into an environment conducive to both personal and academic growth.

Finding the Perfect Roommate

Being friends with someone before living with them is a completely different scenario from living with someone and becoming friends with them. Therefore, when considering if your friend would make for a good roommate, thoughtful consideration is required; otherwise, you could end up clashing or falling out.

  • Assess their living habits; are they tidy, punctual in paying bills and respectful of personal space?
  • Their academic habits play a part; if they study at the same pace as you, this would be favourable.
  • Gauge their conflict resolution style- is it proactive and respectful?
  • Consider their reliability, will they meet their commitments without causing undue stress?
  • Ensure that your lifestyles align; if both of you are early risers or night owls, this could ensure a harmonious living situation.

Of course, finding the perfect roommate is near impossible, and often, compromise will become your best friend. However, making these assessments can help ensure your friend can also be your roommate in your student accommodation. Once you’ve found who you’d like to live with, refer your friend and you both get a massive £50 voucher when they’ve booked, paid, and moved in!

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Navigating the Re-booking Process

Re-booking your accommodation at CityBlock is designed to be fuss-free, and our team is always on hand to aid you in the process. And, for those looking to add a roommate during this process, it’s simple! Just let our team know when you come to book your room, and we’ll work our magic.

Also, group booking at CityBlock in Lancaster provides a unique chance to experience student living with your friends. This efficient process allows you to select specific flatmates in our attractive cluster flats. To make a group booking, simply provide your information, and our team will assist you promptly. Don’t forget, if you’re lucky enough to decide to live with six or more friends, CityBlock sweetens the deal by offering each of you a £50 Amazon voucher!

Experience the ease and benefits of re-booking at CityBlock with a friend. With a community that nurtures and a process that eliminates hassle, we’re here to make your student accommodation experience an enjoyable journey. Discuss the re-booking process today by contacting our team, who will be more than happy to help.

Posted on November 9th, 2023