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Let’s be honest, nobody loves revision, but it’s a necessary evil when you’re studying. You’re most likely researching revision techniques right now, but knowing how to make the most out of your revision isn’t just about memorising. Having breaks from studying is just as important; resting your brain will let you be more productive later on.

And who doesn’t like an excuse to not look at the books anymore?


Relaxing your body is just as important as relaxing your mind. Adrenalin and endorphins released during exercise help you get rid of revision frustration – which we know can build up quite a lot! Going to a local shop to get some snacks or having an exercise routine will help you free your mind from studying.


Watch a Film

Watching a film as reward is always fun. Of course, sometimes you might pre-emptively reward yourself for the good work you just know you’ll do, but no one need to know that part. We won’t tell, we’ve all been there! Knowing that your favourite film is waiting for you if you memorise this chapter can be great motivation.

Your local cinema will have plenty to offer, so if you’ve been wanting to see the latest blockbuster, a break is the perfect excuse – or reward, of course – to go see it. Drag your friends with you so you can all relax from revising. We’re sure they’ll appreciate a break, even if they grumble incoherently first about what they still have to memorise.


Have a Bite to Eat

When you’re studying you use up a lot of energy, even if it seems like you’re just staring at the computer in despair. To recharge your batteries, having a meal will get you away from your books and fill your rumbling stomach.

Treat yourself to a hearty sandwich at the Novel Café in Lancaster with a lovely, warm cup of tea and a nice book. Indulging in your favourite sweets is the perfect reward for studying.

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Posted on June 1st, 2016