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There are a lot of things that make university worthwhile – meeting amazing friends, making spectacular memories and getting a great education are only a few of them. Every day can be a new adventure if you want it to. A huge part of this, other than your own desire, is the friends that you make. Starting from your housemates and moving outward.

Of course, sometimes a housemate can seem more of a curse than a blessing. They will puzzle you, force you to question how they could have possibly survived life thus far and just overall make you say, “what?”


Here are some of the worst things your housemate will do – no matter how many times you ask them, super politely, not to.

1. The mess that isn’t yours.

2. Lots of mess that isn’t yours and no one else will claim either.

3. They write passive aggressive notes about the one spoon you left on the side; directly next to their leaning tower of dinner plates.

Dirty dishes pile needing washing up. Household chore concept on white background

4. Have a loud party before an important deadline.

5. Have a loud party before an important deadline and ‘forgets’ to invite you.

6. Hogs the shower.

7. Multiple times a day – how can one person be so dirty?

8. Bass. Lots and lots of bass.

9. Bass at 2am, dear god do these people ever sleep?

10. They never seem to do any work and brag about their amazing grades.

11. You practically live in the library whilst they cause chaos in your flat.

12. When you actually see them on campus they pretend you don’t exist.

13. They eat your food.

14. A whole kitchen cupboard has been claimed by them – it contains one can of beans.

Tin Can with beans

15. All of their food in the fridge is smelly and has questionable growths attached.

16. You overhear them complaining you are the messy one. Rude.

17. You overhear other things you would rather not.

18. You only see them at night – the fear that they are actually a vampire is very real.

19. They have friends over to ‘chill’ every night of the week.

20. Their girlfriend/boyfriend is always around and unofficially moved in.

21. They move your toothbrush and you are never truly sure why.

22. They steal your toothpaste.

Young woman holding a toothbrush and placing toothpaste on it.

23. All of your bathroom products similarly deplete without your input.

24. The magical mess that appears immediately after you clean.

25. You likely will never talk to them after graduation.


Fear not, there are also a million other ways that your housemate will not irritate you. In fact, in most cases, you may find that your housemates from university turn out to be the best friends you ever had.

1. Your flat is always filled with laughter.

2. Coming home isn’t something you dread at the end of the day.

3. It also isn’t akin to walking into a biohazard zone.

4. You don’t mind when they have friends over – they’re your friends too!

Portrait of cheerful young friends looking at smart phone while sitting in cafe. Mixed race people sitting at a table in restaurant using mobile phone.

5. They clean up after themselves.

6. Sometimes they even clean up after you.

7. Studying is peaceful.

8. They happen to be a baker and are more than happy to share their faire.

9. Also a master chef, you sometimes come to home a meal that makes you cry for joy.

10. They knock before they enter your room.

11. The kitchen space is shared evenly between you all – not a dictatorship.

12. Night’s out rock with them.

13. Even better, you have a great buddy to guide you home at the end of it.

14. Preferably with the McDonald’s you always get together.

15. Cups of tea are delivered to your door in the middle of an essay storm – it’s blissful.

Close-up of female hands holding teacup in front of opened book

16. You don’t fear the alien life growing in the kitchen.

17. You plan parties together.

18. The clean-up afterwards is even a joint effort.

19. When you are ill they sympathetically prepare a hot water bottle for you.

20. Sometimes you come home to a surprise chocolate bar.

21. All notes are in-jokes and kind words – no passive aggression in sight.

Crumpled sticky note emoticons smileys

22. There is always someone to share the cost of pizza.

23. Adventure buddies – a day out is always better together!

24. They are some of the best people you will ever meet.

25. Together you will create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Friends Friendship Walking Park Togetherness Fun Concept

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Posted on August 23rd, 2016