Things You Should Know Before Fresher’s Week… Part 1 | CityBlock

Fresher’s Week is just around the corner, and as you’re probably experiencing a cocktail of nervousness, excitement and the odd freak-out, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your first week at university is everything you hope it’ll be.

1.       The people you live with don’t have to be your BFFs

If you are living in student halls or shared accommodation, it is often presumed that your flatmates and immediate neighbours will be your best friends. Although you share a fridge and toilet with these people, it doesn’t mean that you will all live happily ever after!

If you’re lucky, you and your new flatmates will be of the same personality, and within minutes of meeting the beers will be flowing and life stories will be shared over a deathly mix of rum, vodka and Sainsburys’ basics ‘fruit juice’. If you end up being a part of the ‘I hate my flatmates club’ and you fear you will be alone forever with your sociopath flatties – don’t worry! This is a common experience for most students, and you will end up making friends with people you like, rather than ones of domestic convenience.

2.        You don’t have to attend every Fresher’s event to have a good time

Alright, we all know fresher’s week is for consuming your body weight in alcohol, going to a notorious ‘white t-shirt party’ (where you’ll scrawl abuse all over random strangers you’ll never see again), and, of course, attending a few ‘school disco’ cringe-themed parties.

Our only advice – is don’t! Sure the booze is fun, the people are…funny, and the memories are priceless, but you don’t have to attend every single embarrassing event to fill your fresher’s week with fun and bad behaviour! Why not make your own sober fun for an evening, and host your own ‘come dine with me’ or a film night? It’ll provide you with at least a few non-alcohol fuelled memories to tell your mum about!

3.       It’s okay to miss home

No one admits it, but everyone gets a little homesick during the first few weeks of being in the big bad world on your own. Have a sneak peak into any student’s room and there’ll be a teddy bear or hidden blanket lying around.

Missing your family and friends is completely understandable, and many students drop out after a few weeks because they aren’t yet ready to fly the nest. Make a balance and keep in regular contact with friends, parents and loved ones; after all, that’s what Skype was made for!

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Posted on August 4th, 2014