Things You Should Know Before Fresher’s Week… Part 2 | CityBlock

As discussed in our last post, Fresher’s Week can be both an interesting, enjoyable and even a little confusing time for any new student entering the big and scary world of independence.

Whether a first year student or going into your final year, we are 99.9% sure you’ll have heard enough cringe-worthy stories to make you want to avoid it altogether, or maybe it makes you want to get the UV paint out and get stuck in!

Whatever your thoughts are towards a week dedicated to boozing, socialising and sleeping – here are a few more things to keep in mind during the mayhem.

4. You WILL NOT die from fresher’s flu… (Although it might feel like it)

The legend is true, and it’s awful. Yes okay, fresher’s flu exists and there’s near to no way of escaping this nasty little bug – but it will only last a few days and once it’s over – you’ll feel fresh and ready to party… again! It’s all part of the fresher’s experience, right? Sure, you’ll feel rotten and in desperate need of your mummy, but you’ll survive it with a week’s supply of tissues, lockets and a whole lot of Netflix. (If you’re that lucky student who has a Netflix account, that is!)

5. Pace yourself

Fresher’s week can differ between universities and some universities have fresher’s weeks that go on for a fortnight. That is 14 days straight of partying, socialising and well, acting the fool – so try not to overdo it! Having a night off isn’t embarrassing, and you definitely will not be replaced in your new BFF friendship group if you give it a miss for an evening! Of course you’ll want to be as healthy as you can be for the start of university too… yes?

6. Not all freshers are like you!

Respect others and their lifestyle choices. Sure, it may sound hard to believe, but not everybody lists fancy-dress and drinking as their hobbies; and likewise some people don’t enjoy computer games and dragons. The beauty of university is that there will always be someone like-minded to become friends with, and although uni can seem like quite a lonely place at the beginning – you’ll soon find the group you fit into and become part of your little uni family.

7. Enjoy it!

And mostly importantly, enjoy it! You won’t get another week (or two) solely dedicated to drinking your body weight in alcohol, drowning in foam and flirting with strangers ever again…until next year, of course!

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Posted on August 11th, 2014