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We won’t patronise you by presenting a lengthy list of everything that you need to take with you when you move into University accommodation, as we trust that you’ll remember your toothbrush, bedding other obvious essentials.

However, we thought that we’d provide you with some ideas of little extras that you will definitely find helpful in your years at University.

Inspirational Posters & Photo Frames

No matter how modern your university accommodation is, you will want to add your own personal touches to the walls. You are likely to experience homesickness in the first few months that you’re away, which is why it is important to take lots of photos of family and friends with you.

University isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes you will feel a little lost, which is why we suggest that you take some prints or posters of the inspirational persuasion. Check out Etsy for some unique wall art!

Memory Sticks

Pulling an all-nighter and surviving on caffeine pills and self-loathing alone will seem like a terrible waste of time if you don’t back up your work. Laptops can be unreliable, as can University library computers, which is why we suggest investing in a few memory sticks. They will become especially valuable when it comes to writing your assignments, dissertation or thesis.

Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs

You will want to take a lot of naps throughout the day. We recommend investing in a cute sleep eye mask and pair of ear plugs (which will come in handy when your flatmates are throwing a party and you have an exam at 9am). Some earplugs will be specially formulated that you’ll still hear your alarm in the morning (unfortunately).

Notice Board

Whether it is primarily used to remind yourself to buy milk, finish your assignments, or for flatmates to leave charmingly abusive messages or pornographic illustrations, you will thank yourself for investing in a practical notice board.

A Shower Caddy

If you don’t want to leave your pricey Moroccan Oil hair treatments in the bathroom for your sneaky flatmates to audaciously take advantage of, invest in a practical, portable toiletry bag. Look for one with a handle or hook, so that you don’t have to leave it on the bathroom floor.

Academic Diary and Calendar

University lecturers are not forgiving when it comes to handing in assignments after the deadline. They will fail you. With this in mind, invest in a cute and practical academic diary or academic calendar so you can stay on top of assignments and social events easily.

Get the Right Cards

You’ll probably do a lot of travelling in your first year at University, to see your high-school friends and to visit home. Invest in a Young Persons Rail Card, which will give you a third off train fares. Similarly, a NUS card will ensure you get student discount at hundreds of shops and restaurants.

First Aid Kit

Put together a first aid kit and keep it in a clean make-up or toiletry bag. Painkillers, hay fever tablets, plasters, and antiseptic cream should feature.

Free Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Make sure your mobile is ready for university too!

My Fitness Pal – An easy way to record what you’re eating with an excellent calorie checker with barcode scanner.

All Recipes – Perfect for days when your fridge looks empty. Input what ingredients you have, and add how much time you want to spend and it will provide you with easy recipes.

Voucher Code – Guarantees discounts and money off at restaurants such as Pizza Express. All you do is press ‘get voucher’ and hand your phone over to the waitress. Easy!

Evernote – A great app for organising your entire life in folders that you can access on your phone, tablet and laptop, even without an internet connection. It works across file formats, so you can save notes in text, image, audio and web links to look at them later.

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Posted on August 12th, 2014