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Living in the modern world, there are lots of ways the technological revolution that we are living through can help you in your studies. The internet is the most powerful weapon that a student can wield, after all. With a world of things to aid you in your quest for knowledge, it can be difficult to know what to actually use. This is especially the case for apps, where there are hundreds available for every function you can imagine.

But fear not! There are a number of apps that are perfect for uni life, so let us help you narrow it down with a few handy app tips!

Lecture Capture


Lectures are numerous, the professors talk fast and sometimes your hand just can’t get every word down. Being able to record the lecture is a valuable tool in a world where information is vital. Don’t pay agonising amounts for a dedicated lecture recorder, instead, just download the app! There are a number of options in this regard. But, a few have been tried and tested with great results.

The best apps for lecture recording on the market at the moment include SoundNote. This is a popular app for iPad users, as it acts as both a notepad and an audio recorder; meaning that you can have a visual and audio version of your lectures at your fingertips. If you have a lecturer who makes full use of their whiteboard, there’s another handy app available. For Android users, ShareYourBoard allows you to photograph the board from any angle, then it simply stores the information away for you to review at any point. Invaluable tools for revision!

A Personal Planner

 Calendar appointment

Being organised is next to godliness when you’re a student, which is why it is so hard! A handy little app to keep track of things for you is just what you need. There are a lot of options in this area, the student planner becoming an increasingly popular app distributed in the various stores. Two options include Timetable (Android) and Class Timetable (iOS); both of which do almost exactly what they say on the tin. You simply input the important dates and deadlines into their database; in turn, they will send you alerts and reminders the closer this date becomes.

Bibliography Aid

 Stack of Books

The dreaded bibliography. Is there anyone that enjoys this part of writing essays? Or writing essays at all, come to think of it… You have to trudge through all of the research you have done, noting down author name and publisher after publisher. To be frank; it’s tedious stuff. So, to cut down on all that you just have to use one handy little app. EasyBib is a great invention; a simple scan of the barcode and you can create a bibliography, easy as pie. The styles of bibliography obviously change from institution to institution, so helpfully this app comes with a few different choices to create the right one for your course.

Healthy Eating

 Berry Breakfast

One of the biggest clichés about students is that they don’t eat properly. Cheap noodles anyone? Well, now you can add a little nutrition to your noodles with the help of apps! The best app to include your favourite noodle brand in all your meals is known as Rockin Ramen for your iPad. There are so many combinations of noodles that you won’t know where to start! There are also plenty of apps which will help you plan food shopping, healthy meal plans and even one that will help you create food out of anything you have lying in your fridge! You can easily throw off those student stereotypes and dine like a king. You just have to download the app first.

Or, if you want to get to know your new city better, Pokémon Go is a great way to get out and about!

So, to prepare for the coming term, download these apps to have a helping hand! But don’t forget to make sure you have somewhere to use these apps at the end of the day. To do just that, get in touch with us here at CityBlock to book a fantastic room at either of our Lancaster, Reading or Durham locations. Give us a call and secure your room today.

Posted on August 8th, 2016