7 Things That Will Definitely Happen in Your Final Term at Uni | CityBlock

You made it. You’ve survived 3 or 4 years of University and your final term is now upon you. Congratulations! But before you get carried away with the celebrations, you should probably be prepared for the rollercoaster you are about to embark on. So what should you expect?

#1 – You Will Experience a Major Life Crisis

Did I choose the right course? Have I wasted the last few years of my life? What will I do next?

By the way, you’re fine. You’re doing just great so don’t worry!

#2 – Your Hatred of Freshers Will Be Unrivalled

Oh, you have sooo much work to do. You poor thing *dramatic eyeroll*

Don’t forget, you were once a peppy young fresher who thought a 350 word essay was completely uncalled for.

#3 – You’ll Appreciate Your Friends Even More

Because Uni friends don’t judge you for staying in bed watching Netflix all day with mountains of snacks when your dissertation is due next week and you’ve only written 4 words.

#4 – Your Uni City Will Seem Like Heaven

You’ll start to appreciate that slightly dodgy kebab place and the ‘old-man pub’ at the bottom of the road.

#5 – Your Nostalgia Will Kick In… Hard

Remember that time in first year when you drank too many blue WKD’s and you vomited blue for a whole day? Ahhh good times.

#6 – You’ll Probably Start a New Relationship

Because, let’s face it, there’s no better time to get a new boyfriend/girlfriend than 6 weeks before you move 100 miles away to live with your parents again.

At least you’ll have a date for the Grad Ball…

#7 – Everyone Will Ask You What You’ll Do After Uni

In case you weren’t panicking enough, get ready for an onslaught of questions about your plans for the future… you might want to practice your answer.

The most important thing, though, is to make sure you enjoy it! University may be the best time of your life, but what comes next is equally exciting! So have fun during your last term and remember, it’s not all about work!

Posted on March 11th, 2016