Exercising Mindfulness - Reduce Your Pandemic Stress | CityBlock

At times like these, it’s extremely important to take the time to look after your body and mind. Being kept away from loved ones for such a long period of time has taken its toll on everyone, so taking a moment to consider your mental and physical wellness is essential.

Here we discuss some of the most effective ways for students to take their mind off stressful situations for a while, whilst helping to keep your mental and physical state in tip top condition.


It’s no secret that meditation has a huge list of mental and physical benefits for people of all ages, but there are still a lot of people who haven’t even tried it. If you’re among those who haven’t given meditation a go, then we would definitely recommend that you do.

Meditation takes a matter of minutes, and when consistently practiced at least once a day for a few weeks, has a genuinely profound effect on your stress levels. Here’s just how simple meditation is:

  1. Find yourself a comfortable space that you will be able to sit still in for a few minutes. Once you’re suitably comfortable, simply focus on your natural inhaling and exhaling of breath.
  2. Really focus on each breath you take. Where do you feel your breath most? In your belly? In your nose? Be sure to keep focusing on each inhalation and exhale as much as possible.
  3. Do this for around 2 minutes, continue to take a long deep inhale, almost fully expanding your stomach, and then exhaling, making sure to elongate the outbreath as much as possible.

There are more advanced meditation guides you can follow, but if you’re just getting started, this is perfect for you.

Whilst it’s generally recommended to meditate indoors, why not get outdoors and find a nice tranquil local park?


Get Out & Exercise

Exercise is the key to a healthy mind, so if you are lacking in motivation to get outdoors, then we recommend you start small and build it up. A 20-minute stroll around the city will do your mental and physical state a world of good, as there really is nothing worse than being stuck indoors all day, especially with the stresses that surround you as a student on a day to day basis.

Whether you fancy a walk with your headphones on or are looking for a space to take part in an online workout, there are plenty of places to enjoy some exercise in and around your student accommodation in Lancaster, including a walk up to Ashton Memorial or a run along the River Lune up towards Halton.


Continue Being Social With Friends & Family

With measures being eased over the last few weeks, why not get outdoors with your friends a little more? Socialising is a key part of maintaining a healthy mind, and whilst the wonders of modern technology are fantastic for ensuring we keep in touch with our loved ones from a distance, there really is nothing quite like being with our friends and family in person.

Try to organise a get together with each of your friends or family members over the course of the next few weeks. Remember, you’ll have to meet them individually at the moment, but in the coming months, when measures are eased a little, you should be able to have larger groups of friends and family around you in one space.

Always remember to maintain social distancing measures at all times with anyone who is from outside your household though! There are plenty of open spaces around our student accommodation in Reading, so you should have no issue finding a suitable place to meet.

Get Artsy

You may well have had a long-held passion for art, but simply not had the time to dedicate to a spot of painting or getting crafty, so now really is the perfect time to get back into it! Dust off those paintbrushes and get painting… You never know, you may well carry on your new hobby into post pandemic times.

If you’re not a naturally arty person, why not get your whole household involved to give you some inspiration? Not only are you getting the benefit of plenty of social interaction in a safe environment, you’ll also be able to bounce ideas off each other and have some fun in the process.

Spending some time on arts and crafts is a great way to unwind, especially if you’re feeling particularly stressed, so don’t be afraid to get stuck in, even if your creations aren’t particularly good!


Don’t be afraid to get outdoors, socialise with your friends and family whilst maintaining social distancing measures, and get exercising this summer! As the lockdown measures begin to be lifted over the coming months, you’ll reap the benefits of continually keeping your mind and body in good shape. So, why not get started today?

Posted on June 4th, 2020