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Ah, revision. The bane of every student’s life. The exam period, for any student year (apart from you lucky, lucky first years, of course) will be a stressful time, filled with dread, regret, and a bit more dread. And a bit more regret.

You’ll discover your new found superhero power of being able to skim read a 1000 page book in 3 hours, your ability to live off 9p noodles, chocolate and energy drinks for an impossible amount of time, and your new found love for finding something, anything to do other than revision. Seriously, it’s a skill. And hey, while we’re not condoning you stop revising, we do recommend that every few hours you step out of the library, away from the computer or just out the house for a little chill time (and a decent meal!)

So, for those cheeky revision breaks – here’s some of our favourite ways to waste your time. You’re welcome!

Snake ’97

Disclaimer: You may fail your exams if you download this app.


Yep! We’re taking it old-school and you’re going to flipping love it! We’re not accepting the blame for you getting addicted to this little beauty, but if you were a big fan of the beloved 3310 – here’s the app that’ll transform your snazzy iPhone 6 Plus into an old and trusty Nokia from the 00’s. Snake included.

I Want One Of Those


If you haven’t heard of this cheeky site yet – where’ve you been? It’s pretty much the godfather of gadgets – and if you’re lucky enough to have any student loan left, get on this and do some serious retail therapy to cheer yourself up! It’s the ultimate heaven for any gadget geek. Enjoy.

This Is Sand


Feeling arty? Or just plain bored? Become the next Picasso with this wonderfully creative sand-tastic image maker that’ll have you getting creative with the click of a mouse. It’s seriously addictive so whatever your art capability, get one of these done and wow your flatmates with your new (and very impressive) masterpiece! That’s definitely a skill for the CV, yeah?



Think you’re the next superstar deejay but don’t reckon the world is ready for your banging beats just yet? Sit down, David Guetta and check out this – we reckon it’s pretty much the best musical site on the planet! But please please please don’t spend too much time on it. We really don’t want you sacking off your exams and hopping on the next plane to Ibiza to follow your dream…

So, there you have it folks. Every possible way to have a little me-time amidst the stressful revision days. And, if you’re lucky enough to have it all to look forward to this September – here at CityBlock we’re proud to be the top choice when it comes to student accommodation in Lancaster,  student accommodation in Reading and student accommodation in Durham, . For more information, to book a room, or to speak to one of our friendly team – please contact us today on 0116 251 7270 today!

Posted on April 16th, 2015