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Now, we know that you’re all knuckling down studying hard at the moment, unless you got distracted by our last post, but you’ll probably have noticed the abundance of politician’s faces plastered across your TV, all over Facebook and even pasted on billboards.

It can only mean one thing – it’s time to put an ‘X’ in a box and vote for the future of Britain.

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But Why Should You Vote?

You’ve probably heard the age-old excuse of ‘my vote won’t make a difference’. But did you know that in the 2010 elections, 15.9 million didn’t bother voting – that’s a whole lot of silent voices.

Vote because you can. There are millions of people across the world who don’t have that right, plus, if you’re a woman, it’s worth remembering that not so long ago, you wouldn’t have been able to have your say.

(This is from the last election – this year’s voting date is Thursday 7th May)

How Do I Vote?

You can vote in person by popping down to your local polling station. If you’ve registered to vote, you should have your polling card by now which will tell you where to go. It’s as simple as putting a cross in the box for the party you want to vote for. Polling stations will open at 7am and close at 10pm, so you should have plenty of time to have your say!

You can also vote by post, but these should have been posted with enough time to reach the electoral office by 10pm on 7th May.

Your other option is a vote by proxy which means that someone else delivers your vote for you. You should already be registered for this, but you can apply for an emergency proxy vote if you suddenly fall ill before Election Day.

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Who Should I Vote For?

Now this part is entirely up to you. You get to make that choice, so take a few minutes to read a little bit about each party’s manifesto and decide what’s most important to you.

If you can’t decide who to vote for, you could always take a quiz to work out who you agree most with. Try a quick and simple quiz, or if you want more detailed answers, try the Telegraph quiz.

Whoever you decide to vote for on Thursday 7th May, make sure you do it so you can get the student voice heard. In the meantime, when it comes to student accommodation in Lancaster, City Block gets the vote! If you’re looking for a room, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team by giving us a call on 01524 541251 today!

Posted on May 5th, 2015