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With each week that goes by during your time at university, you’ve probably lost count of all the times you’ve said, ‘Next week I’m not going to miss any lectures,’ or, ‘I’ll actually read the book this time’. And how many times have you actually followed through on your half-hearted promise?

Even though it’s not the start of the academic year, it’s still the start of a new term, so that still counts, right? To mark the start of the New Year, why not give yourself one or two resolutions to kick start term two, because let’s face it, you must’ve run out of excuses to email to your tutor as to why you weren’t present for the billionth time. Here’s a few that might take your fancy…

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I Must Not Hoard Dishes In My Room

Nothing feels better than cuddling up in your duvet, catching up on shows on your laptop surrounded by your favourite snacks. But after you’ve cleared your plates and tucked them safely under the bed so you don’t kick them over, somehow you manage to forget about them until your turning your bed upside down looking for your other shoe when you’re late for a lecture.

But even though we see them day after day, gathering dust and growing other things, we still don’t see the urgency in taking them down to the kitchen to clean, or quarantine. The best option is probably to eat in the kitchen where there’s easy access to the sink and the watchful eyes of your housemates. Plus bed crumbs don’t feel good.

Luckily for you, all our kitchens come equipped with a dishwasher, so there’s no need to spend hours over the kitchen sink!

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I Will Not Spend More Than 24 Hours In the Library

No, this is not a joke. There are two types of student. One that doesn’t know where the library is, and the other spends so much time there that the librarian has made a little book fort for you to live in.

It’s great to put the effort into your university work, but you’ve got to strike the right balance! University isn’t just about education, so make sure you take advantage of a few opportunities to socialise every now and then!

I Will Not Take My Laundry Back to My Parents

Seeing as all of our accommodation comes complete with laundry facilities, there really isn’t any excuse to take your dirty clothes back home so your parents can deal with them. You’re embarking on independent, adult life, which means you have to buy detergent. You’ll be amazed what fabric softener can do.

So that means no more wearing your pants inside, outside and back to front. That’s disgusting. You can do this.

Buried in Laundry

I Will Not Limit My Diet to Noodles

We all love noodles. They’re quick, easy and boy, are they tasty. As tempting as it is to stock up on these de-hydrated strings of joy when they’re on offer at B&M Bargains, one cannot live on noodles alone.

There’s a reason you feel fresh and perky when you come back from a weekend at home, and it may have something to do with the elements of green on your plate when it’s usually very beige. Introduce some fresh fruit and veg to your diet – you’d be surprised at how less of a slug you’ll feel.

I Won’t Leave My Essay Until the Night Before

Don’t kid yourself.

So if you’re looking to turn your student life around, then what better time to start than right now -or in a week or two. Or next term, definitely next term. However if you’re new to student life and are looking for high quality student accommodation in Lancaster or student accommodation in Reading to make your time at uni the best it can be, then check out our different options on our website.

Otherwise, feel free to contact us with any enquiries at our Lancaster offices at 01524 541251, or visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for further information.

Posted on January 8th, 2016