Top Seven Student Apps You Need to Download | CityBlock

So you’re off to uni, and while your bags may be packed, how about your phone? Here are our pick of some of the best apps for students.

Toshi Finance

We know what it’s like; it’s your first time away from home and the Government has just put £2000 in your account. Time to spend, spend, spend, right? But if you value your student loan – and don’t want to starve for three months – we recommend the Toshi Finance app. It’s a clear, easy to understand app which lets you keep control over your budget.

Maths Alarm Clock

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? We know, it can be a pain dragging yourself all the way across campus at stupid o’clock, especially after an all-night bender. Once the Maths Alarm Clock starts, you won’t be able turn it off until you solve a maths problem. Perfect for waking up your brain before class.


You didn’t read the set text, did you? Relax! SparkNotes offers a great app so you can bluff your way to a First-Class Honours degree. It comes pre-installed with tons of fab study guides, ranging from literature to philosophy, which you can download to your phone. You can even create an online study group, and share what you’re studying.


TED are the undisputed kings of online education. Their Youtube page is jam-packed with fascinating talks about pretty much anything you can think of. Now you can access them all from your phone with the TED app. Whether it’s education, science, business, or even entertainment, get the juice from the world’s leading thinkers and broaden those horizons.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy has one goal: spread information. To anyone. And everyone. That includes that weird kid who sits at the back of the class snickering at BuzzFeed while you’re trying to take notes. With over 4200 articles and videos on a massive range of subjects, it’s basically like an entire school in your pocket, only without the obvious legal issues putting an actual school in your pocket would draw.


Ok, so you’ve just finished writing a 6000-word essay. But it doesn’t end there. A large chunk of essay writing is your bibliography – and all the questions and panicking that comes with it. Questions like ‘Am I supposed to use Harvard referencing or APA?’ With the EasyBib app, you can see at a glance how to correctly format your bibliography, saving time and most importantly, your sanity.


University isn’t just about education, is it? One of the most important aspects is making new friends, getting proper drunk with them, and then going online to delete the incriminating photographs. But you don’t want to sign in to each and every social media site (That takes up valuable drinking time). With HootSuite you can bring together your Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and FourSquare accounts in one handy little app.

Now you’re ready to head to uni. But if you’re still looking for awesome student accommodation in Lancaster, Durham or Readingget in touch and find out what we have to offer.

Posted on September 8th, 2014